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We're all chained to the rhythm - Kallistrate - July 26, 2019

       The summer sun beat heavily on the grassy plains that hosted a plethora of deer. They grazed, unaware of the predator watching them in the grass. She was a massive figure, even in her young age and her fur was a tri-colored mixture of red, white, and grey. Even more stunning was how the colors were laid out. If one was to look at her right side, they would see the exact opposite of what was seen on her left side. Red on white versus white on red. Her eyes were also two different colors and were focused on a deer. Even her paws and nails were different colors as well. And if one looked closer, they would seen that one side of her glowed.

       Then, the massive she-beast propelled herself upwards, streaking from the grass in a blur. The deer - predictably - ran and the wolfess was on the tail of a particular one. She chased after her quarry, her long legs allowing her to keep pace with the creature. She was so close, so close to being able to leap and bring it down when it turned. She tried to follow the deer but found her legs tangling together and she fell head over heels.

       Kallistrate wanted to scream at the sky. She was so close to catching her first deer! This was her third try for Mother Moon's sake! Why couldn't see make a kill? She laid there in the grass, contemplating her life until now.

Help her hunt? Maybe comfort her?