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Honeycomb - The Ancient - April 25, 2019

The bear grumbled. Not that this was anything new. She grumbled over most situations, including ones that made her happy, but this was a lot of climbing. Paw for giant paw, the sow clambered the high steps of the woodland's tower, side stepping the blue roses and their snagging thorns. She huffs and snorts, sides heaving as she ascends to the zenith. Her fur was brown once, but now she's coated in yellow pollen that catch the sunlight through the windows, gleaming and shining like pieces of star.

The great bell resting at the peak is silent. The tower itself is not. A furious buzzing echos through the stone walls, so loud and alive that it vibrates in the sow's marrow. Her skeleton shudders, the muscles in her powerful back twitch, and her terrible teeth itch. Still she climbs, swaying her head, breath rasping over the flower bundle in her maw.

Squish. Squelch. Splat.

Her paws come upon thick, sticky, golden puddles that ooze between her toes. Another grunt, this one more pleased. She was nearing the roost, and this torturous climb would end. Closer and closer until, finally, the activity reaches a fever pitch. The air thrums with insect wings, and honey drips from the walls...

She pokes her head into the chamber. A clumsy creature bounces off her skull-- another off her shoulder. They blunder about the empty space and grasp at the pollen on the bear, twitching their long antenna. They filter in and out of the open windows, making no effort to conceal themselves. They're very visible from below, where the King Akira watches with a scrunched muzzle. 

The bear herself simply yawns, lies down in the center, and falls asleep.

The tower has been over taken by  GIANT HELL BEES, which are maintained by a COMMON BUT VERY DISGRUNTLED GRIZZLY BEAR. If you're brave enough to invade, you might find something special... Or you might get stung a lot. Maybe both??

They are this big:
[Image: tumblr_nq42mjERgK1qhahs1o6_1280.jpg]

Every action your character does will effect their personal outcome of this event! I'll be posting as a NPC/DM. This is a test run of something I've been wanting to try out for a while, so we'll see how it goes! Any suggestions to make it run smoother or more enjoyable for you are super welcomed.

The only rules are to have fun and be nice!

RE: Honeycomb - Twitch - April 25, 2019


"I'm not very good with stills.  I get all twitchy."
- Saffron Burrows
[Image: please_stop__i_just_can_t_____by_justyou...9x5keg.gif][Image: eye_see_you_by_justyoungheroes-da42u4g.gif] [Image: yeah_i_overreact_quite_often_by_justyoun...ah84z5.png][Image: error_by_justyoungheroes-da8bm1m.gif]

Bzzzzzzz. ZZZZzzzzzz. BZZzzZ! The buzzing caused ghostly limbs to twitch skyward, and a tail far too long for its body rose like a charmed cobra.  Her body awoke before her mind, and shuttered before it rolled her over in the tall grass.  Then, she sat bolt upright, her ears at attention and her silvery eyes wide.  Listening, her head abruptly swinging as she honed in.  There it was again!  The unmistakable sound of buzzing.  But what buzzy bug was it this time?  The adolescent girl was keen to find out.

"Embsay!" She hissed, shaking her friend's napping form beside her. "Get up, Come on!"  Enthusiasm did not allow her to wait and she gave little thought to leaving him behind.  He'd catch up.

Bounding through the grass that was nearly as high as she was, Twitch's trail from the small clearing was clear, and they were not far off from the tower.  With her tail windmilling, she rushed to see what all the commotion was about.  Bursting from the tall grass onto shorter turf, she accelerated just as something zoomed past her head. Suddenly she was dusted with a yellow stuff that made her sneeze, which, in turn made her trip.  Tumbling end over end, she came to land on her back, looking up at the tower, the bees, and the scrunchy faced king.

"WWOOOOoooooaaaaaahhhh!"  She exclaimed, jaw going slack as she gaped up. "Those are BIG. BEES!"

Twitch seemed to have a problem staying on the correct side of gravity. An impairment that had somehow not affected her energetic attitude.

[Image: d42cab82e2973217e53da40b62f7689b-dbdkbcw.gif]

RE: Honeycomb - Shadon - April 25, 2019

[Image: shadontitle_by_lunecy-dboic8l.png]
The days were finally starting to warm up and it made the old hellion want to bask in the sun. His retirement plan hadn't been well planned, but he enjoyed what he could despite finding it weird that he didn't even have to do jack shit. He could've done that in Saboro, but well... shit happened, and now he was here.

A figure followed him distantly, though Shadon figured this was just a coincidence. The patterns and colors had intrigued him, they looked quite familiar, but the hellion just didn't give a shit anymore so he continued on until he almost had something large fly into his head. "What the fuck?" he asked loudly, noticing there was something sprawled in the grass. Surprise, it was his daughter Twitch. She screeched something about bees and he whipped his head around to see the other stranger barely dodge the giant things as well. The fuck?

"Come on, kiddo." he said, nosing Twitch to the right side-up then looked toward the tower not too far from their current location. He could hear an obnoxious buzzing from that direction, wondering if their hive was that close. The figure that wandered behind had now passed them, emerald eyes watching as he lazily floated by like a ghost. Kol Nidre paid no mind to father and daughter, continuing on until he found himself in Akira's presence. Golden eyes lifted up to the tower and he only figured something was going on with it. The giant bee that almost smacked him in the face was an indication of his thought.

He shuddered at the memory of Belispeak releasing a hive on him and Akki.

Shadon would walk after them when he knew Twitch would be up enough to follow. Curiosity had grasped hard at him. This was the most excitement he had in a while.

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦
[Image: guts2_by_gaphals-daja2rn.png]

RE: Honeycomb - Halla - April 30, 2019

A dead rabbit was slung over Halla's shoulder, and she panted heavily while looking up with a hand shielding her eyes to check the sky. It was still tremendously bright and hot out, and she was quite the fool to be wearing her bear fur on such a sweltering spring afternoon. She had too many things to carry, otherwise she would take it off and bundle it under her arms and drag herself all the way back home. It wouldn't be terribly long until dusk, and the weather was bound to cool down by then. It seemed to be back and forth every other day. Rain, wind, sun, warmth, and rain again. She missed summer.

She strolled on, grunting along in her effort to make her way back to camp without complaining about the weight of her belongings, how hungry and sweaty she was. She wished her dogs were here so she could talk to them. They would understand how hard it was to be alone and have to care for one's self. They'd listen. But for now, she had only herself to talk to, and that was okay. She knew struggle would come with her independence, and she knew it was necessary to go through it rather than try avoiding it. This would only make her stronger. She had to remember that, and be brave. This would only make her stronger.

Although, that didn't mean it would be easy. A loud and sudden sound swished over her head, causing her to drop everything and cower and toss up her hands. What a bizarre noise. Its vibration that still remained in the air sent a shiver down her spine. So loud. What was it...? Gemini contained many secrets waiting to be discovered, but this, she was sure, was something no one could have seen coming. Slowly picking herself back up, forgetting for the moment that her belongings still scattered over the forest floor, she gradually crept towards the stone tower that came into view. Her head rose and rose with its height, mouth steadily gaping at the monstrous sight before her.

A swarm of giant honey bees. The collective sound of them all made her body shake with horror and disgust. One thing she despised about summer: bugs. Halla glanced from side to side, noticing the gathering of a few... canine-like creatures around her. A tall, grey male and a hyperactive pup beside him. But most importantly, the one who had been standing there, staring up at the scene before any of them had arrived. She approached her cautiously, coming to her side and staring up with her.

"Are we... in trouble?" What can I do?

RE: Honeycomb - Iorek - May 13, 2019

In the garden of evil
I'm gonna be the greatest
In a golden cathedral
I'll be praying for the faithless
And if you lose, boo-hoo

      Iorek walked through the territory on another exploration of the Gemini lands when he heard a commotion. He only had Hermes with him and his usual adornment of necklaces and mane ornaments though his legs were bare of jewelry. He also was without his satchel once again.

      Part of the brindled beast wanted to turn around and get the hell out of dodge since what he was hearing wasn't something he wanted to get involved in on this particular day. He wasn't a big fan of bees or bugs in general and he hated getting stung by those gold and black hell creatures.

      But the dark and cream creature was in a pack now and pack members were expected to help during times of crisis. This was a crisis and he needed to prove himself as a member. So with a mental sigh, he padded over to the commotion, staying as quiet as possible so he could observe without being called out.

      'I knew you'd regret it.' Hermes croaked as he took to the sky but stayed close. He wouldn't bail out on the cat.

      Those were some really big bees and the scarlet-eyed scavenger regretted his decision to try to be a hero. But then he saw the human, a girl. It made his stomach curl and he began to back away. His expression stayed neutral despite the fear. There was nothing he feared more than humans and there was one right there.

      The red-eyed feline turned around and walked away, hoping that no one would notice his departure.

Hermes is speaking bird. Lmk if I should edit anything!

RE: Honeycomb - Gaius - May 13, 2019

Ruby red eyes watched from a distance at the spectacle that was, what his eyes tried to understand as… very large, fuzzy insects. He was certain they were bees, but part of him didn’t understand how it were possible for them to exist at such a size and capacity. And the noise they were making, gods above. He’d yet to see the mother of the comb, but he decided that if anyone might be here sticking his nose into something dangerous, it would be Auri.

Come down the opposite side of the tower at a fair distance, he’d turned the corner to see the King sitting at the base of the structure looking likely as unimpressed and disgruntled about this situation as any would to see. Nearby her were all faces he didn’t know of, which was little surprise to him as well. What was surprising, however, was that his nature loving fool of a… few-times acquaintance, was in fact, not present.

Gaius noticed perhaps the most fascinating of the group: a biped. Since when did they accept those here? Suddenly overgrown bees felt like the least strange thing happening in Gemini lately. Well, he was here now, may as well do something about it.

Walking up towards Akira he offered a small bow, standing beside her and glancing up at the tower from her perspective. From there, is when he noticed the giant, furry beast that resided in the centre of it. A bear.

Well, shit.

Gaius almost wanted to snort at the ridiculousness of this whole thing, but instead he simple asked the King, leaning toward considering the noise of the buzzing was easy to drown out hushed words. “You look like you’re considering a plan perhaps,” He glanced at her from a side-eye, almost forgoing any concerns of insecurities or the King’s opinion of him.

Do you need some fool to rush in there and start something?” He glanced around and those who had gathered, wondering if someone fit that description.

RE: Honeycomb - Auri El - May 13, 2019


Of course the sound of too-loud buzzing would draw the curious dire toward the tower. The unique and mysterious curiosities that seemed to inhabit much of Gemini’s vast land provided endless fascination for Auri El.

He at first did not even think to join the gathering of Gemini citizens a few yards away. Instead, the gray dire mix gave in to the compulsion to trail happily behind one of the giant insects at it buzzed about. It isn’t until the fuzzy creature decided it has had enough time close to ground level and begins to fly away skyward (despite Auri El’s low whine of sorrow), that he fully notices the growing gathering.

And a familiar face —

Here’s your fool, Gaius.

Ahaha! My hero!” Auri El bounded through the grass toward the red fringe dire, his short bob tail wagging in his excitement. “Do you see them? They’re wonderful!! They must be producing incredible amounts of honey in there judging by their size!! Speaking of which, have you ever seen bees so large? I’ve never seen one so large in my travels.” Bouncing slightly on his toes, Auri El’s wine red eyes raised once more toward the clumsy creatures above. “Ahh I want to touch one. Do you think it’d sting me? I’ve gotten stung by a normal honeybee before, and it hurt, I’d imagine these would be agonizing…” His freckled face scrunched with thought, his mind buzzing just as loudly as the bees around them.

But maybe if we offer them some nectar first? I’ve managed to handle their smaller brethren just fine after that initial sting. You know, honey can be collected without harming the hive! Sometimes they just seem to make more than they actually need. So they can spare some for us. They are quite calm, really." Wine reds finally moved from Gaius to take in the others present – and the dire mix had to reign in his excitement at what appeared to be a beastly feline and some tall bipedal creature. Oh! He’d have to find them and talk with them later!! Finally, his gaze moved between the thoughtful looking king and his friend, hesitation slowly seeping into his expression.

Ah… whatever the plan is, please don’t kill these creatures? Yeah? They could be useful. And they’re quite lovely…

RE: Honeycomb - The Ancient - May 16, 2019

Akira knew a crowd was gathering behind her and a little dumb part of her brain is pleased that more people were coming to gawk at the newest Weird Thing in Gemini. She loved her home and all it's oddities, good and terrible, but did it have to be bugs? What if these were some kind of flesh eating super bee? Could they possibly hope to defeat such a perfect murder machine in paw to paw combat!?


A fuzzy meanderer bumbled right into the side of her head, almost knocking her over. It buzzes lazily around in the air, disoriented from its latest boing, spinning upside down and butt to the sky. Oh gosh, it seemed to say. Oh dear oh no which way is which oh gee please help. A companion appears out one of the bottom windows, grasping with its black legs. It misses entirely, and now the two of them keep bouncing off each other-- but at least they're right side up.

With a new smear of grass on hear cheek, the king rights herself and sneezes.

"This sure is something, isn't it?" she says to Gaius, who is the closest to her, and then turns to Halla. Delight overtakes her disgruntled expression. Another human! How novel!

"Are we... in trouble?"

"No, no! Well. I don't think so. But this is an inconvenience. We use the Queen's Tongue to warn the pack of danger." The last time it rang was in the middle of a terrible storm, drawing lost packmates to the safety of its stone walls. Before that, the attack on her family by the southern border which she is not going to think about right now thank yoU!! "And I think it might be hard to ring it when giant monster bees are living inside."

They seemed so docile, but that might not be the case if they're trapped in a tower with a loud bell. Can bees hear? Hm. Where's Deimos when she needs random facts? Akira squints.

"You look like you’re considering a plan perhaps. Do you need some fool to rush in there and start something?"

"That's an option." She doesn't totally like it, but maybe they could CHASE them out? It seemed mean to uproot them like that but again this was their!! tower!!! the bees didn't even ask, as far as she was concerned. "Do we have any volunteers to scout out the state of the inner tower?"

The king turned to face the crowd, her eyes narrowing on OH!! A NEW CAT, EXCITING.

"You there!" she calls to Iorek. "Are you a fast climber? Do you think you're faster than bees?!"

The first horrible plan ends up on the back burner when a grey fella slides in beside Gaius. Akira turns her attention on him, listening with her ears twitching.

"Do you see them? They’re wonderful!! They must be producing incredible amounts of honey in there judging by their size!! Speaking of which, have you ever seen bees so large? I’ve never seen one so large in my travels. Ahh I want to touch one. Do you think it’d sting me? I’ve gotten stung by a normal honeybee before, and it hurt, I’d imagine these would be agonizing…

But maybe if we offer them some nectar first? I’ve managed to handle their smaller brethren just fine after that initial sting. You know, honey can be collected without harming the hive! Sometimes they just seem to make more than they actually need. So they can spare some for us. They are quite calm, really.

Ah… whatever the plan is, please don’t kill these creatures? Yeah? They could be useful. And they’re quite lovely…"

"Hm. A peace offering? Interesting." She glances up at the tower and narrowly scrambles out of the way of another divebomb. Oh gosh oh gee boing goes the bee. "Maybe we could lure them out with nectar? We would need a lot, though. Or maybe.. we could send a scout... or MAYBE..." she turns to Halla, her eyes shining. That's a dangerous face on your face, Akira. "Can you make a rope?"


Welcome to the first round of the event! Your choices so far are:

A. Send someone up the tower to cause a ruckus. Maybe this will scare the bees out? They do seem very docile.
B. Send someone up as a scout, not intentionally causing a ruckus, to see what's going on up there.
C. Make the cat climb the tower wall
D. Ask Halla to lasso one of the bees with her strong human hands
E. Start gathering a lot of flowers to entice the bees

RE: Honeycomb - Gothy - May 16, 2019

The growing crowd made the hellion feel a little out of place. Gemini hadn't been the choice home of his, but this is where Poltergeist had found herself and this is where their latest litter grew up. Many suggestions were placed, but the one that interested Shadon the most was going in and risking someone getting stung to all hell.

Actually that didn't sound too stupid after all. "Fuck it, I'll go in and see what is going on... anyone else?" he called, lumbering past the King and into the door way. "If you wanna cause a scene and risk pissing them off, bee my guest, but I sure as shit won't." And with that, Shadon proceeded inside.

Kol Nidre had kept his eye on the bee who had shoved itself off Akira, flipping around in the air. They weren't too intelligent, were they? Eventually he shook his head to put his mind back to where it should be. "Uhm... well... I don't think that's-" he paused, noticing the hellion had already headed inside. Sighing heavily, he shook his head. "I'll try gathering some flowers to lure one."

Kol stood then turned, wandering off into the field to gather flowers. Maybe another would show, or maybe this would be the best to gather medicine in case one of them got stung.

((main account because i'm lazy and there's two charas....... but mostly because i'm lazy.))

RE: Honeycomb - Cyb - May 16, 2019


He-hey! What's this, now?"

A sleepy, broad figure found herself confused as two particularly insistent bugs trundled around near her path. The old, new wolf had been ambling slowly toward the sound of others, struggling to wake after having laid herself down for a nap near the great structure in the middle of the night. Granny didn't know too much of towers, she thought at the time, but figured that whatever had made it must have either been long gone or long friended by this Gemini pack for such a monument to have been left alone. In the daytime the tall spire cast a fine shadow, a comfortable patch of cool grass on a dewy morning in the welcome Spring. So peaceful. It had smelled damp, old, faintly sweet – like honey.

Honey, of course! The scent of sweetness, pollen, and insistent musk of a big predator filled her waking nose. “This explains why I was dreaming about a bear...” she trailed off, speaking softly to herself to the unlistening and absurdly large bugs that filled her ears with noise. Bvvvvvv. Bvbv. "Some kind of bear," she snuffed and tilted her head upward to see that there were many, many bees just like those two coming in and out of the structure. "But your friends don't seem very mad."

Bbbbvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv, the nearby wings hummed. Granny's kindly, hazy eyes drifted upward. She didn't think about the pleasant sound droning away some of her proprioception.

The elderly wolf knew there were all kinds of bees in the world: silly bees, tiny bees, angry bees, bees that were fuzzy, bees that were made of just wings and stingers and endless hate, bees that took from all kinds of flowers and made hives in the strangest of places. These were... the largest bees she had ever seen, but if there were all these other people around and no panic, maybe these ones were friendly. Maybe they were also part of the Gemini pack!

It seemed as if a lot of the nearby blobs of curious onlookers were animatedly discussing this situation. Well, she thought, it is better to be on the good side of a bee than the business end. There were other wolves nearby, and perhaps a cat?, a human there?, and Granny did so badly want to say Hello, and that was a pretty important mission! "Hello-o? Are you all also members of this Gemini pack?" Except, oops, oh dear, oops, -

Bvvv. Bvvv. BBVTT.

Oh my!” Suddenly that buzzing sound was VERY CLOSE. She pinned those distracted ears then, tucked down in defense and deference, she tried to cast her tired eyes about for a better view but mostly only caught a glimpse of antennae and fat bee legs. “Whoa-ho-hoh! Easy! Eaaa-syy...” In her distraction of both looking at the scene above, and trying to move in with the gathering strangers below, she'd somehow forgot the bees! Now she found herself a bit off balance - and unless something somehow stopped her, she would falter a few steps sideways toward the sound, and - like future generations' morbid fascinating of watching unstoppable and opposing Mall Scooters - gently bonking her bulky shoulder into the side of one of the very large tumbling bumbling bees in a low speed collision.

//ooc: a wild grandma appears, misunderstands how keyboard choices work, hits F2||

RE: Honeycomb - Iorek - May 16, 2019

I don't trust anything
Or anyone, below the Sun
And I don't feel anything at all
I'm King of the clouds, of the clouds

      Iorek was not expecting to be called out and he hoped for a moment that she was getting the attention of someone else. But then she asked if he could climb, climb faster than bees. He was the only cat there so it was obvious she wasn't asking anyone else to climb the wall. Did he look like he was capable of climbing walls with his bulk? Did the lion - Jonas - Echo mentioned climb?

      Not unless he was a mountain lion.

      The brindled beast turned towards the female, moving with a feline grace. From what he had observed, seeing she seemed to be the one the others were talking to and asking questions, she was a leader of some sort. He would have to mind his words it seemed. Even though he really wanted to ask her if he looked like a mountain lion.

      "Unfortunately, I am unable to climb due to my size," the scarlet-eyed scavenger said, his voice polite albeit a bit flat. He also offered an explanation why so that he didn't seem like he was saying no because he didn't want to go near the bees. Well, he didn't want to go near the bees but he really couldn't climb and that was obvious to anyone with any idea of climbing. He heard the small canine jabber about how important the bees were and that they shouldn't harm them. The bees didn't seem to be particularly swift or aggressive and it wouldn't take much to bat them out of the air if the attacks were coordinated. But the beast wasn't a fan of violence but if the female singled him out based on being a cat, he could only imagine what else he would be singled out for.

      The carmine-eyed cat moved as far away from the human as he could once the attention was off of him. If she was here and no one was fleeing, then she must be a member of the pack, as weird as that was. But he couldn't stop the same feelings from returning when he smelled the scent and noticed the arrows.

      Another voice joined them and the hybrid beast looked down to see an ancient-looking wolf. He only spared glance when she asked if they were members of the pack. They had to be members if they were this deep within the territory but he knew that old age could mess with the mind.

       The red-eyed Recruit wanted to leave since he didn't think he could be of much use here and be of more use elsewhere. If he saw a chance to leave, he would take it.

As always, please let me know if anything needs to be edited!
Lion Image from Pixabay | Texture by SisstreDaethe@DA | Table by Silverfrost

RE: Honeycomb - The Ancient - June 05, 2019

ooc: I've had a few people ask for additional time, so don't worry if you haven't gotten a response in yet or still intend to join. I'm just going to start offering action to those who have so far.


Shadon enters the tower. The stairs spiral high into the air, the dizzying core visible if he looks up. While the majority of the bees are at the zenith, within the walls is a living buzz that trembles the stone. Little pebbles shudder at the hellhound's feet...

Does Shadon begin to climb? If he does, the higher he goes the more honey he will find. Golden, sweet, succulent honey coating his climb. It's even starting to drip from the stairs above, and there are definitely black, shiny eyes watching him.

How high does he dare to go? Will he brave the top of the tower or go back down to report his findings?

Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre breaks off from the (safety of?) the group, just like Shadon. Though he had enough insight to avoid the beasts lair, he seeks out their favorite choice of food! Is that decision really any smarter?

Oh well, no take backs! He'll find no end to the flower assortment in Gemini; Serrate's fondness of beautiful plantlife and Hawthorne's dedication to making his wife happier ensures gardens upon gardens of unique petals. There are lilies, buttercups, roses, sunflowers, irises, tulips and daisies and marigolds and forget-me-nots... so many of the later, blue and thriving. Which does Kol choose? It doesn't matter especially, though no doubt the doctor's nose for fragrance all assist him in picking the best boutiques.

Before he can get back to the group, if that's what he chooses to do, the sound of buzzing gets closer...........

And suddenly, there is a trio of the giant, fuzzy creatures! They bounce against each other, grasping their legs towards the flowers. What do you do, Kol?


Akira's face falls, disappointed that her new giant cat friend could not shimmy up the side of a tower like a squirrel. She's pretty sure Jonas could do it, but no one except Jonas is Jonas and she should not hold other people to his candle.

"That's a shame, but I understand. I, too, cannot climb the side of the tower," not that she hasn't tried. Don't tell Serrate. "Would you please assist Kol Nidre? He went that way to collect some flowers to draw them out."


Akira turns in surprise to see a new addition to the group-- this one quite old! But she calls out a greeting all the same, "Yes, I should hope we're all Gemini. Welcome to the oddest invasion I've ever seen."

She's not wrong, but Akira has not actually seen that many invasions. Her mother would probably snort if she heard that.

"We were just--oh," the girl-king trails off, watching the interaction with fascination. The bee Granny has bumped into is bumping back, buzzing its relatively small wings in confusion and... distress? It could easily just fly in any direction that was not against the wolf, but that is not what it does at all. In fact, it's reaching out with it's flower-grasping legs and trying to nudge her back to a righted position.

Another bee appears, this one grasping on her opposite side and pulling. Between the two of them, perhaps they can stop everyone's favorite grandma from falling down.

RE: Honeycomb - Cyb - June 12, 2019

In the old woman's forward lurch, before the falter, she caught the voice of a young lad. Firm but nice, a girl practicing to be a very important person here in this pack, no doubt! Especially with that scent, like a leader's child! (Oh Granny, if you only knew.).

“Oh -” the elder cried out, spreading her paws and furrowing her wrinkled brow in concentration as she focused on trying to right herself. Bumping into this big bee had knocked her so far off balance she had nearly tipped, and if she fell, well -! “Just a moment -” We can't have that! Especially not in front of this group of new packmates, goodness no.

Not to mention there were still these bees about. As she huffed and shuddered, it took her a moment to notice that her collision hadn't finished. But much more quickly than the bump itself, her distress turned into a tittering giggle. “What darlings you are,” she cooed appreciatively. The big bugs had flanked each ample side, the buzzing not in warning but in support. What fun this all was!

In no time at all the ancient wolf was right as rain. “My heroes! Now how do you say 'thank you' in bee?” Granny breathed with enthusiasm, big head slowly swinging from one side to the other to look at them both and, upon thinking a moment, decided on doing a very limited tapping dance with her forepaws to show each bee that it was equally loved. “Well, if this is an invasion, I would could us lucky to have such kind new neighbors!” she took a few steps, trying to see both of her fuzzy helpers at once. "Is your whole hive this kind? However did you get all the way down here?" In truth, Granny didn't expect any kind of answer, but she hoped they understood.

She looked at the youngster, still with absolutely no idea who the girl(king) might be, now realizing she had forgotten to introduce herself. Where are my manners, goodness me. Everyone calls me Granny, I've just arrived here not long ago. What's your name, young lady?” she smiled conspiratorily, her worn teeth and soft eyes full of earnest and naive delight. "Are you in charge of this whole group here with you?"

RE: Honeycomb - Halla - June 23, 2019

Among the bustle and commotion of newly arrived packmates, a large feline among them, Halla had not stopped gazing at the top of the tower. She had never been to this part of Gemini before, let alone be in the presence of so many of its inhabitants at once, so the sights and smells and sounds were especially daunting. The young girl could just barely hear everyone over the hive's deafening buzzing. So loud that it took her a few seconds before she realized, the Girl King had asked her a question.

Her head turned slightly with her eyes still fixated on the troubling situation above them, then quickly twisted to glance down at her. "H-huh? Rope? Can I... make rope?" What exactly was going on now? She felt stress creeping its way into her mind as she stared at her, then in all directions. All around, there was something happening. It was quite a lot to take in. A human among animals. And they just might need her help.

She swiveled back to look at Akira, unaware that this wolf was her new King (something she likely would be very excited to learn someday). She hesitated, but she tightened her hands into fists and peered at her with her one determined blue eye. "That would take forever. Someone could get hurt by the time it's half done. But, maybe..." She pondered for a moment, biting her bottom lip. "Bees... Every bee hive has a queen. If you get the queen to leave, maybe... Maybe the hive will follow."

She pivoted to look once more at the tower, a hand hovering over her fur. She was sweating from anticipation and the sun's rays, but she lingered to take it off. She felt something in her soul that just wasn't right about this. Taking one last look at Akira to see if she would try to resist, Halla bolted for the entrance after the other grey wolf and ran up a few of the stairs before pressing herself against the stone wall and gasping for air.

The girl gritted her teeth, wanting so badly to be outside of this place already. But she shook her head, a guttural noise sounding from her throat in an attempt to ward off the feelings of doubt in herself. With a pound of her fist against the wall, she tugged her fur over her head and wrapped it taught around her body, continuing up the winding steps of the buzzing tower.

RE: Honeycomb - Witch. - August 12, 2019

(yeesh sorry guys, I didn't realize how long its been. I'll get a post up this week)

RE: Honeycomb - The Ancient - October 05, 2019

I'm sorry for dropping the ball here guys, so I'm gonna wrap up this little event with your WINNINGS.

The following characters have acquired a harmless giant hellbee companion

Shadon- His bee is a little unruly and tends to leave rotten fruit in the bed when it's upset with him. Otherwise it likes to cuddle. Optional: the bear could have slapped him out the window
Twitch- Finds a LARVAL STAGE hellbee! If she takes care of it, it will pupate into a bee with a personality of your choosing.
Halla- Her bee seems to enjoy being on... a leash? It also likes collecting pollen to help with her artwork.
Iorek- A smaller hellbee has followed him home. He may notice pollen scattered in his mane from time to time before actually coming across the creature.
Granny- Has a seeing-eye hellbee now.
Gaius- Has an option of either befriending the BEAR or picking up a bee, your choice!
Kol Nidre and Auri El- Both find 2 larva stage hellbees each. Twinsies.

After taking home their new buddies, they may notice an ominous cloud leaving the Tower... that settles into the woods. BZZZZ.  

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RE: Honeycomb - Arkyls - October 05, 2019

(gaius would totally befriend a bear)