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All dressed up for a hit and run - Fiammetta - March 27, 2019

       The day was nice as always, it wasn't sleeting, hailing, or raining which was great for Fiammetta. It was way too early to be freezing her ass off god knows where. That would be a downright horrible start to a lovely day though she knew how easy it was for a day to go from good to total shitstorm.

       She had had way too many incidents of wondering if hell had an exchange program.

       The hellion was on another patrol of the territory, once again getting bored only halfway in. She decided to have some fun and in a split second, she leaped up a tree trunk like a bat out of hell, or a fox. Whatever quibbles. She padded along the tree branches, looking from this new vantage point and seeing pretty much nothing interesting.

       Well at least until she spied a pretty-looking pelt below. A sly smile and then a cheshire grin split her face. Now this would be an interesting day and she could make a good impression on that girl.

       The fiery fox leaped from her branch and bounced off of the next tree trunk in front of the girl. She looked up and with a sly smile she said, "Hello, beautiful! You come here often?"
For Elias! I apologize in advance for this shameless flirt

RE: All dressed up for a hit and run - Elias - March 28, 2019

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This first winter had been a wonderful season, the mostly pale frame moving along the snow carefully, in some spaces blending in quiet well. In others, the deep browns sticking out, Elias had no intention to hide... and at this rate of filling out, she might be difficult to stash away.

The flower litter had begun to grow quickly, and as their phase of lanky awkward teenagers began... Elias shot up like some of the others, but also began to fill out solidly. Sure, she'd never be a huge as Dad, but she certainly had a much wider frame then someone like Luna. They appeared the most similar pelt wise out of the bunch, but couldn't be anymore different in build.

Elias was content pondering over her siblings, wondering where they might be today, maybe even heading to seek on out. Or one of the other royal litter to tussle with. Some of them were pretty fun. Until someone fell out of a... tree.

Well she hadn't, she jumped, but she wasn't paying attention and she just looked like she flopped off a tree trunk by the time her pale gaze caught up to the fox. "Hello, beautiful! You come here often?" Her nose wrinkled as if she'd smelled something unpleasant, leaning away from the pint sized fox with a foot tucking upward toward her chest. "No shit. I live here." Uttered sharply.

"You know, probably isn't smart to fall out of trees... What are you. You're pewny."

Oh yeah, Elias didn't know what the fuck a fox was.

RE: All dressed up for a hit and run - Fiammetta - March 28, 2019

If I try to change my life one more day, there would be nobody else to save

       Damn, Fiammetta didn't realize this girl would be so tall but she was around the female's age. She had a nice pelt and she looked pretty. It was a good day for the fox and she smiled even nicer.

       However it didn't seem like the hellion made the best impression, damn it. She silently berated herself as the girl responded sharply. She recovered as quickly as she could and countered with, "You look like a winter princess in this purple forest, I thought I saw an angel without wings, she said with a smile.

       The next statement from the pretty princess got a more indignant reaction from the green-eyed Sentinel. "Are you shittin' me? That was an outstanding act of agility; I'd like to see you try to make a controlled descent from a tree! Her tail kinked over her back as she glared up at the girl.

       And then there was a comment about her size which was a low blow.

       I am not puny! I'm actually larger than your normal fox specimen 'cause my ma is a fox and my da is a wolf! You're just overgrown!

       The scarred hellion didn't had a temper as fiery as her pelt.

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