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You know I can't slow down, I can't look back - Akeldama - February 14, 2019

       A small shape padded through the trees, her nimble paws easily finding footing in the trees as easily as a feline. She moved like a feline despite being in a mostly canine-looking creature. Her red, pink, and black form sauntered through the tree limbs with multiple pieces of jewelry on her limbs and neck, most of them red with black leather cord.

       Akeldama felt that traveling by tree was the best way to travel. There were very few obstacles for the female to encounter and she was the most stealthy when she was above the ground. With her long tail for balance and catlike attributes, climbing was second nature to the female.

       The hellhound noticed something below, something interesting, something shiny. As quick as a shadow, she leaped down from the trees, her paws nimbly finding her a way down. She dropped down onto a path, not checking if there was anyone coming.

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RE: You know I can't slow down, I can't look back - Aysu. - February 23, 2019

'I can't deny I'm paralysed from the inside
Everyday I wake to feel the same
And every time you ask me how I'm feeling
I just smile and tell you that I'm fine '

"speech" | thoughts
Aysu trotted at an even pace through the trees, along well-worn paths that cut here and there, each one leading somewhere particular. The path she traveled would lead her toward the denning areas to her home where she kept her precious things. She'd finally gotten her things together, made her trinkets, replaced broken or lost things and soon she would be ready to set up shop. Saddlebags were filled with objects washed up from recent storms. She would have plenty to finish what she had in mind.

Thoughts of her upcoming shop distracted her enough that when the creature landed on the pah before her, she nearly jumped out of her skin. "Jeeze, you almost gave me a heart attack,"  she said, sitting down and placing a paw over her chest, the smooth surface of her obsidian dagger cool against her pads. "What were you doing up there?"