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[ACCEPTANCE] A wolf..of sorts. - Didelphis - January 23, 2019

A small creature clambered through the snow, enjoying the soft crunching 
of the ground as he walked, large paws easily holding him up rather than sinking, 
and thick fur keeping him warm, to hardly even notice the cold. 
He had his head pointed down to the snow mostly, detecting scents far away, deep underneath
the snow, stopping for a few minutes to scrape away at the white ground with his claws and 
bury his muzzle into the hole he had formed - suddenly pulling his head out along with the carcass
 of a frozen mouse which hung from his jaws.
 Almost as soon as his head had appeared, however, he snapped it upwards, 
throwing the deceased rodent into his jaws and crunching down on it.
 Snowy weather usually made it harder to find prey for most animals, 
but thankfully he was well adapted to the weather.

He was small, far from the size of a rodent, however. More comparable to the size of a medium dog, 
around 16 inches in height and a hefty weight of 30kg, at least it was hefty for his species anyway.
His head and body was broad, muscular and covered with thick brown fur of several shades, 
insulating from the cold of the mountains, and a similar colour to his dark hazel eyes.

His name was Biorn, meaning Bear. A nudge towards how bearlike his species looked, he assumed. 
He was a wolverine, new to these mountains. Heading along with one destination in mind, to find 
the entrance to the Bacchus territory, and request to hopefully join the pack. 
Wolverines are solitary mostly, but Bjorn found that strength came in numbers. 
Being part of a pack would keep him safer, and would hopefully cure some of the 
loneliness he'd, unfortunately, found himself suffering from.

After a while of being lost in thought, he stopped to look up, watching hot breath escape his jaws.
"Finally," He muttered, after glancing up at the cave before him, the beginnings of Bacchus' visitor center.
"Now just to see if someone is around. Got to make a good first impression."

RE: [ACCEPTANCE] A wolf..of sorts. - Bitterkeit - May 03, 2019

[Image: bY3dyUB.png]

"No need, mate," winds through the tunnel, "impression's already made." They emerge from the darkness, playful grin on masked face. "Don' worry though, you did decent enough." The wolf winks then, eases some of the tension in such a size difference.

The Bacchus play-bows, coming closer to eye level with the wolverine. "Now, what was that impression for, anyway?"

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