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surrender my everything // cassian - Rosalind - January 03, 2019

r o s a l i n d
Only the stars know how long she'd been pacing, time seemed to pull slowly in this state of agony. It'd been hours, at least, since the princess, Luna, had left her. She didn't leave willingly, either, rightfully suspicious of who Rosalind was and what her business was in Inaria, since she arrogantly deemed it temporary.

Vines and eucalyptus were dreaded in her locks to help keep her hair up and away from her face as she tried to think of the next plan of action, which would have been so much easier to determine had Cassian been here. He promised he'd return when the moon was highest in the sky, but she wasn't sure how much longer she could wait. What would be done if Luna told her parents, the King and Queen, about her? Had she made it obvious that she was in hiding?

The sound of the waterfall lulling in the background accompanied with the smell of the lavender hanging among the willow tree was enough to welcomed tranquility, finally settling in the nook of the hollowed out divide in the tree. Not long after, right before falling into a light sleep, she heard the quick footsteps. The pattern she'd been able to study, to memorize since her time here. Her dearest, "Cassian!"

Rosalind called out with excitement but mostly relief, darting out of the tree to meet him beyond the hangings of the willow.

"I'm glad to see you,"
Rosalind would offer an intimate nuzzle in greeting, pulling away gingerly to address her worries."Luna, the princess? Do you know her? She found me here, Cassian. She questioned me. I'm not sure what she thinks, but she's... she's definitely suspicious. What will happen?" Her soft voice trailed, as she began to feel silly for rambling and evoking a state of emotional strain during the precious time she had with Cassian.

"I'm sorry, it's ridiculous and so unlike me to worry. But, gosh she was quite stubborn and determined." Not to mention annoying. Cassian had never mentioned Luna before, wondering if she was bad-mouthing a companion of his.