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'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - Smalltalk - November 13, 2018

Chat, plot, suggest ideas for the pack, ask for outland RPs, do whatever you want here!!

RE: 'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - akante - November 14, 2018

slumber party

RE: 'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - Arista - November 14, 2018

Campfire songs

RE: 'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - LK - November 14, 2018

Someone blease find Caspian and tell him to come back!! :3c

RE: 'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - Kookamunga - November 14, 2018

(November 14, 2018, 02:28:45 PM)LK Wrote: Someone blease find Caspian and tell him to come back!! :3c

Yeah dude!!! Who wants to go find him? We can make a plot out of it thumbsup

Anyone else want to be found? We can do an expedition or something

RE: 'Round the Fireside [OOC Shenanigans] - Kookamunga - December 01, 2018

Hey my dudes! Here is your Kaeri/Outlander community bulletin board news! Maybe I'll make this a fancy post with titles if I get to do enough of these hehe

- Sleeptalk is our new member! Go show him some love!
- Scythetrill is currently sick and even though Smalltalk is unhappy to see her, she understands that Scythetrill might need more medical help than our current roster is capable of giving. What does Akaika have up his sleeve?
- Caspian is hanging out somewhere in the Neutrals, and we need to bring our boy home! Any ideas on how to find him?
- The Outlanders might soon be taking a trip to what was once the old Man Villages to see if it's still in ruins from the hurricane (and absolutely not to raid it for cool stuff no sir not us) once things have settled down a bit. Wouldn't it be hilarious if it's not as abandoned as we think? Find out on next week's episode!
- Let's have a party!

- I need to make a map and am taking suggestions for landmarks! I'm sure we can ask Waka or Frost if anyone wants to see some cool Sicher/Tjenu ones they really liked pop up again.
- Also I will be adding more information in the Ethical Code about our culture and traditions and stuff. Tattoos are something we have to tackle.
- Anyone can take acceptances!
- Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful Kaer fam <3