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Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - phosphorus - August 29, 2018

There are creatures that lurk in the darkness. Some big and terrifying, and others small and unassuming. All were a mystery to the outside, and Phosphorus was standing on the cusp of their world. Dusk had begun to fall across the land, a blood red sun setting beyond the mountains. The golden prince had travelled far, carrying injuries both inside and out. Fresh scars were tight as the outer layers of skin began to heal, and his muscles still ached from the beating he had endured. But what hurt the most was his pride.
He had eagerly believed his brother when he spoke of conquest, of overthrowing their corrupt and callous father. They would have led their people into a greater era of prosperity. Everything had gone so smoothly, until the end. Brothers that had stayed loyal to their father had inconveniently intervened at the last possible moment. Outnumbered he and the other rebels were brought to lay at their fathers’ paws. The look he gave his wayward sons would be forever burned in Phosphorus’ mind. He watched, as one by one his ‘traitorous’ brothers were slain like rabbit. He had felt fear. The fear of inevitable death that inched ever closer. He was sure father had seen it. By whatever power unseen, he was let go, exiled from the only home he ever knew. His fathers’ spies made sure he had left the outermost regions of the territory, and then he was all alone.
He had wondered for days, resorting to the skills he had learned as a young pup. He had survived thus far by scavenging and tricking those bigger and dumber than he was. He had survived up until this moment, standing at the edge of the woods. Phosphorus didn’t know if he had stumbled on it by sheer luck, or if fate had drawn him here. What he did know, was that he could smell something familiar. Foxes. He had longed to be with his own kind, and the scent had drawn him towards this location. As the sky grew darker he progressed into the woods, the long shadows enveloping his bright form. He didn’t bother to make a sound, they would notice him either way. Instead he waited in silence, appreciating flora surrounding him.

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RE: Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - BELLAMY. - August 30, 2018

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As the day began to creep closer to its end, Bellamy's delight began to grow as the light withered. Argentum and Fae were the owners of the day, Fae beckoning attention like the sun and Argentum tending to the flowers that bloomed in the daylight. But Bellamy? She held no control over anything that went on, simply there to advise and watch with eyes of quicksilver. Her peers held control over their domains and she over hers, a division of power that the starry-furred fox was quite content with. Tending plants, giving out orders, listening to complaints, all those were things the vixen could do without. She was only responsible for few things, most of which she was glad to be accountable for.

The day was owned by her peers, but the night belonged to Bellamy alone. She was the uncontested owner, no fox in their right mind would try to take it from her lest they desire to meet a fate far from desirable. For this, she was happy. The night was hers, the stars and moon members of her shadowy domain. Despite what some may whisper, claiming she didn't work for her title, they were wrong. At least in her book. She had faced hardship and surpassed it with grace, had met danger and embraced it, had seen death and blown a kiss before she went on her way. The twilight was rightfully hers.

However, such a darkness was not yet upon the land of Arcana. Soon, it would be, but for now, Bellamy was content with the eventide that stood as the brink of the night. Not to mention that the forest Arcana inhabited was already getting quite dark, shadows taking place and looming. Those unfamiliar to the forest would perhaps find it unnerving, finding that if they looked close enough they might find a pair of eyes watching them. Or if they listened hard enough, they might hear the rustle of bones amongst the whispering leaves. An artfully crafted threshold of Arcana that served as a warning to those who might desire to trespass.

She was making her rounds when she spotted the saffron pelt of a newcomer, excitement carving her features into a pale-toothed smile. The quiet sounds of the forest served as light cover for her delicate movements as she took to the shadows, creeping along in a circle around the outsider. She took delight in putting on a show, besides, this fox seemed quite interesting. "And who might you be, sweetheart?" she drawled, her quicksilver eyes the only thing visible from the darkness. Oh, how she enjoyed being mysterious and the "slightest" bit unnerving to the poor saps that tried to join Arcana.

RE: Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - phosphorus - September 01, 2018

Phosphorus had been slowly meandering through the woods until he came to a clearing basking in the red light of twilight. He had come across some night phlox in the clearing when he felt a presence in the darkness. He paid no heed to whatever was out there, instead studying the flowers intently. He had seen them before long ago. It was during a raid that he had come across the flowers and their decadent smell. They were sweeter than anything that grew within the center of their territory, and he had brought them back with him. They wilted of course, the plucked flowers only lasting a day before shriveling to nothing. A scattering of white moths were fluttering around the flowers, no doubt attracted to their scent as well. Watching their dance brought a small smile to Phosphorus’ face, although whether or not he felt any joy was debatable.
A light and drawling voice from the shadows broke his concentration on the moths. He turned his golden head to face the direction of the sound. His expression was eerily calm and serene, his soft blue eyes half closed with a curious gaze. “A traveler.” Phosphorus replied, his voice soft yet stern, much like his fathers’. “I’ve come here for a bit of respite, although it seems as if I am not alone.” He added, turning his body to fully face where the sound had come from.
As he was talking his eyes had adjusted to the low light, and a pair of silver eyes was watching him. He could see the barest hint of an outline, but whoever this was had fur dark enough to blend into the night shadows. Phosphorus wasn’t one to blend into anything. “Why do you conceal yourself? Come, and step into the light.” He beckoned, almost goading the hidden figure.

RE: Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - BELLAMY. - September 01, 2018

She smiled in the darkness, focused on the newcomer as he watched the moths around the flowers. Personally, she didn't recall ever seeing such a kind before. Although, Bellamy wasn't the type of person to pay attention to the flowers if they couldn't prove useful to whatever endeavor she was pursuing. She watched the stranger smile at the fluttering insects, confused as to why someone would smile at the ivory moths. Then again, she had probably done weirder things in her time. She wasn't exactly in the right position to judge.

When he noticed her voice, her grin only spread. Good. She met his gaze with little thought, staring down his hooded blue eyes. His eyes were a pleasant color, she had to admit. Then again, she found a lot of people's eyes to be nice. Listening to his announcement that he was a mere traveler looking to rest, she frowned. Travelers were awfully boring, especially if they had no tales to regale her with. However, as she eyed the golden-furred male, she figured that this fellow would have plenty of stories to tell if he were willing to share. In the field of story-telling, though, the Magician had every right to judge.

Stepping out from the shadows, she let the light hit her oddly-patterned pelt. She wore her signature crooked grin, head tilted just slightly. "You stand on the lands of Arcana, traveler. This place stands as a haven for foxes like us, so I'm obligated to bid you welcome into our ranks if it so pleases you to join us. As it stands, you receive this invitation from one of the leaders of Arcana," she announced, gesturing at herself. "Bellamy, Lunaris of Arcana, at your service, sweetheart," she introduced herself, punctuating her flirtatious words with a wink towards the golden fox.

RE: Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - phosphorus - September 03, 2018

The vixen than stepped from the shadows was indeed a sight to behold. Phosphorus had always though himself flashy, compared to the dull coats of the civilians. Her pelt was colored by the very night sky, a reason why he had not seen her before. The swirls of red and blue created an optical illusion of movement, as if they were swirling, luminous galaxies. One could say he felt almost jealous looking at her, but his outward appearance remained calm. The dark vixen wore a crooked smile as she spoke, white teeth gleaming in the red light.
The woods seemed to be the home of a multitude of foxes under the name of Arcana. The name itself filled him with a sense of wonderment, it seemed to have come straight from a long forgotten legend. If there was one thing his father lacked, it was an imagination. For all his pragmatism and charisma, his father was the dullest individual to talk to. Many of his brothers were the same, although some had amused Phosphorus and his flights of fancy. He was raised to be a warrior, and he was good at it, but Phosphorus had always felt a higher calling. Why destroy the world when you can create it? A more perfect, beautiful world where everyone’s wildest dreams were a reality. He had failed is realizing his dream when father banished him, but now it seemed he had another chance.
“What a wonderfully whimsical name you have, my dear. I am called Phosphorus, and it seems that these woods hide more secrets than meets the eye, I am terribly sorry for stumbling in unceremoniously” He answered. It was a half-truth, he had very well intended to walk into the woods, but for what he hadn’t known until now. “It sounds very much like the place of my birth, although I must admit the violence that was beginning to consume it was what sparked my journey” He looked down at his left shoulder where two scars had begun to form. It was a small plight to garner sympathy, a trick he had often used in the slums growing up. “I was born an artist, you see, but it was a trade often looked down on...” Phosphorus took a step closer, his eyes becoming alive as he continued to speak. “But it sounds like I now have a chance to live how I have always dreamed. My dear, sweet Bellamy, it would be my honor if I could join Arcana, and help usher it into a beautiful era!” He proclaimed, accepting her invitation.

RE: Darkness Brings Evil Things [acceptance] - BELLAMY. - September 03, 2018

She grinned at him, her smile not as lopsided as it had been when she had first emerged from the shadows. She liked watching the awe in other's eyes when they saw her pelt and its shifting patterns. It gave her a sense of pride in her appearance, such pride only fueled by the admiration of others. Her pelt was one of the few things about herself she wouldn't change, albeit she sometimes wished it wasn't so distracting. While being the center of attention was usually nice, constantly being it was exhausting. It was good that she had Fae around, someone to capture others' attention just as easily as she did. The self-conscious part of her mind whispered how the newcomer would prefer Fae's appearance over hers.

As he pondered his thoughts, the starry-furred fox took to observing him. As she had from the shadows, although she was far closer than she had been. His pelt was gold, but not garishly so. It was of a softer sort, a coloring that Bellamy could easily appreciate. The scars were certainly interesting. She had scars of her own but they weren't of the physical sort. As if she would let anyone get close enough to do that sort of damage. His curled ears were definitely something new to the vixen, although she could certainly see how they could add to the stranger's "mysterious" aura. She could make a performer out of him and wouldn't particularly mind doing so.

She smiled at his compliment, as overdone as it was. She wasn't a big fan of her name considering how her parents had initially planned the name for a son. But still, she had made it hers. "Quite alright. You aren't the unsavory sort and I don't really mind foxes like you stumbling into our territory," she quipped, listening to the rest of his words. Ah, so that was where he got the scars. She didn't really... care. As long as he could work, he was in. It wasn't like the people of Arcana were without their scars, physical or not. He would be a fool to think otherwise. "With that... flourish of an acceptance, I welcome you. But I don't recommend speaking with pizazz to Fae or Argentum, they don't quite like it when I do." With those final words, she turned on her heel, looking back at him with eyes that spoke of dark secrets and magic, "Come along then."

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