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Rising Sun - Fae - August 07, 2018

No more waiting, planning, preparing.

It was time.

She had found the place, had gathered the followers, and laid before them her plans.

They would gather, on the edges of a dense wood, where she would call to them, call to all others, fox and otherwise.

"Here, we stand together. We rise again and we will build again, upon the superstitions that have been our ruin. We leave behind the exposure of our crater, the reign of wolves. We are not to be bound, enslaved or destroyed. We are the cunning, the tricksters! We are foxes, we are Arcana!" Tucked further into the forest, nestled at the foot of soaring cliffs, where a magnificent waterfall flowed, feeding lush fields and obscuring deep caverns. This was the place, this would be home.

Fae would lift to her feet and with some practiced grace, leap into the branches a low tree, scaling it to rise up above the forest floor, peering down over the land, as she was The Sun. "Long live Arcana!"

[Image: GIPmIMl.png]

short and to the point because we're eager to get started! Thread is open to any foxes, former members or brand new ones to jump in and support!

RE: Rising Sun - Fae - August 07, 2018


Pack Board Name: Arcana
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RE: Rising Sun - BELLAMY. - August 08, 2018

Months of work, months of planning, months of gathering others. And that was only Bellamy's time with Fae, she could only imagine how much time the Solaris had taken setting up what would soon be Arcana. Fae was one of the most dedicated, determined people she had met on her travels. Nothing could stop the warm-toned fox from achieving her goals, that was for sure. Bellamy just hoped she would never become an obstacle in the way of those goals, almost fearing what might happen to her if so.
For now, she was just happy the fruits of their labor were now ripe enough for them to reap the benefits. She listened to her friend give her inspirational spiel, grinning at the mention of cunning tricksters. Those were in her domain, after all. Hers was a small one, a deceitful one, but that didn't make the Lunaris any less proud of her job in their pack. She did what she so delighted in: bewitching and burglarizing.
Watching the warm-toned vixen take her place high among the tree's branches, radiant as the sun, Bellamy looked on curiously. Well, that wasn't discussed beforehand, was it? Deciding not to complain since she loved all manner of dramatic exploits, the starry-furred fox took a much more practical route. She weaved her way through the branches rather and leaping into them, laying herself down upon one just a few branches below and to the right of Fae. Quicksilver eyes gazed down about the others in their meager party as a crooked grin graced her features. She was by no means as radiant as her friend, although she was ever the watchful and duplicitous Moon. With that, she joined the Solaris's cry with a hearty, "Long live Arcana!"

RE: Rising Sun - Harley - August 12, 2018

Pokes this up because we're anxious to get our boards and get started!

RE: Rising Sun - Arkyls - August 12, 2018

Land claim granted, your boards are active! Please post here if you have any further updates for your boards, as well you can post information about your pack so it can be added to the monthly rotation.


RE: Rising Sun - Harley - August 12, 2018

Ark, you're the best <3

RE: Rising Sun - toby - August 12, 2018


RE: Rising Sun - Hum - August 13, 2018

    Hum had been alone since Arcana had last fell. There had been the temptation of joining Nardir, the peaceful pack that had claimed their previous land. But no, he had merely stalked there borders for a while and then moved on. His life wasn’t meant to be with wolves. He was a fox, and he something in him told him to just wait. And so he did. He waited, and waited, and then he ran into other foxes. Previous Arcana, and some new faces. By this point in his life he was no longer the overly ignorant and blissed out fox he had been. Sadness had found a way inside of him, but he still tried to stay positive. Hum found himself among the new ranks of Arcana.

    The group walked into what would be their new home, and Hum almost forgot that he had been sad before. Here, he was no longer alone. These foxes were like his family - or what he assumed would become like his family. That was the point of the clan, right? Or tribe. He wasn’t sure really what the little group was called. Fae seemed to lead them, although there were three leaders in total. Hum simply followed wherever they went, content on no longer being alone. Once they settled, he could run around and be free, without care again. As they stopped, he half listened to Fae. Little Friend hovered about Hum’s ears, and Hum was eager to find a patch of flowers to roll around in. When Bellamy replied to Fae’s call, Hum gave out a weird cackle, somewhat screechy noise of approval and joy. As soon as they were all free to go, he would find those flowers to roll in.