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until it ran blood [tesora] - Toth - July 17, 2018


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The day had begun as any other, with the witch raking her coals and starting up the little fire in her hovel. If the superiors knew of the fire she possessed they'd rip her apart, haha. Her little home was once a secret (it still sorta was, if you knew who to ask), making a name for herself around the lesser folks for being a witch that could perform miracles. What they failed to ever tack on was how steep the price was.

The pale woman's hovel was covered from inside and outside in herbs, rare little finds, trinkets of bone and sea shells. Even now she was grinding some herbs up and placing them in an old clay pot she had found. "Witch, Miss.. Please." Came a soft voice at her doors, and she turned her head a smile curling up that slender face. Greeting the female and allowing her to come inside as she spun her tale about the puppy that she held in his jaws, it was small and very much dead though it hadn't been for very long.

"I know what to do to save him, but... for a price." The mother blubbered on about not having much, but offered strange trinkets, Toth shook her head however, clearly not interested. "Those won't do, but.. this, this will do nicely." There was a high pitched shriek, as the pale woman skillfully and rather quickly plucked an eye from the's head. Working quickly to cauterize and bandage the corpse. Into the pot the eye went with an audible small splash, the mother sobbed and cried. The knife continued to work

She worked quickly, efficiently and finally poured the concoction from the pot into a small bowl, opening the corpse's mouth and tapping lightly on its chest and throat as the liquid poured in.  Those 10 minutes seemed like an eternity until, the body shook and jolt forward with life hacking and coughing with the little voice of a tiny baby. The first cries of life once more echoing from it's small form, the mother rushed to him endless 'thank yous' pouring from her as she shakenly picked up her pup and carried him out.

Toth followed, making sure the coals from the fire were dying down as the sunlight greeted her, bright and unwelcoming. Blue and golden eyes catching sight of a figure and her lips curled into that same sweet smile. "Let me guess, you want something to? Your fortune read?"

RE: until it ran blood [tesora] - Tolf - July 18, 2018


She had to admit that she had completely checked out on what was happening around here. It was too much, too fast. She couldn't keep up with that much tragedy, she wasn't made for adversity like the rest of them. She wished she was stronger and had the nerve to take it all head on and come out biting, but she didn't.

Everything crumbled around her, her children, siblings, packmates.. Missing, or dead. She didn't know, she didn't WANT to know. It was easier to imagine that they'd found happiness some where, some how. Her parents? Raikov? Manta? Morgan? So many others..

Thinking of Ocelot still brought tears to her eyes. She still lay awake at nights feeling a heavy lonliness for him and for her children, but what could she do? The answer was nothing, she was paralyzed in fear, afraid that if she tried she would find out more then she could bear, so she did nothing because that seemed easiest.

She hadn't even started a garden in the new territory, because nothing seemed to matter anymore. She helped those few that sought her out, she was only a beginner healer after all but it was enough. Mostly she stayed in her den, pining and feeling sorry for herself, wondering if anyone remembered that she even existed.

Occasionally she took walks, this was one of those occasions. She heard a distant sound that made her uneasy but she didnt hurry towards it, she walked the same pace, ears strained for more. When she got closer she saw a wolf rushing off, and a pale female looked up at her with strange bi colored eyes (though Tes had seen much stranger things.)

"Let me guess, you want something to? Your fortune read?"

Tes was about to shake her head, as she wanted nothing. She looked long at the stranger instead.

"What fortune? All I have is misery."

Oh how much life had changed, it was hard to believe she'd ever been an optimist.

RE: until it ran blood [tesora] - Toth - July 30, 2018


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The pale woman stared at the other intently with those dual colored eyes, raking over her body, taking in the coloration. Everyone here looked ocean swept, and this stranger was no different. Humming a dissonant sound to the other as she moved to close the distance.

Circling the larger female and giving her a rather curious look. "Misery?" Eyes growing bright, though her tone and smile still held that sickening sweetness that could be seen as uncomfortable. "What's a gem like you got to be miserable about?" Tail curling, the gleam in her eyes only intensifying.

Her pretty polished mask, all they'd known her for. Some sweet little timber with a deadly nickname, and a total disregard for the rules of their seaside empire. "You seem healthy enough, so why the sad words, deary?" Teeth clicking against her tongue as the pale female brushed against the other's side. Deep in her heart of hearts, with shadowy claws gripping and ripping, she hoped for something good. A weakness, a bargain. Whatever she could use.

"Cheer up dove, it's not all bad." Silky voice cooed, dual eyes flashing back to her hovel and then to the female. "I can fix everything that's wrong, if you'd like. The people in this pack, they come to me often for help." The witch explained, stopping so that she could catch Tesora's gaze with her own. "Toth, is my name." Smiling curling upon her lips, sweet and practiced. If only they knew the truth.

RE: until it ran blood [tesora] - Tolf - August 02, 2018

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T e s o r a,

Sickening smiles and pretty words. Tes was familiar with such things-- blind to them when she was younger; intentionally she turned away when it was her own family, but no more. She looked at the witch as she'd never allowed herself to look at others.

"It's not that I am sick... I am alone." 

She knew how stupid it sounded, on an island surrounded by her pack. Could Toth understand? Would she care if she did? If she was as clever as she seemed to be maybe she would know. Tesora's eyes drifted away, a wave of sadness washing over her. 

The attempt at cheering her up annoyed her a little, but Tes was never rude, so she didn't say what she felt like saying in response. 

"It's not so easy.."

Her ears flattened, she looked at Toth directly, disbelieving. 

"YOU can't fix it.. I wish it were that simple."

Toth couldn't bring Raikov and Manta back. She couldn't turn back time and give her a chance to know Morgan better. She couldn't wave her paws and give her another chance with Ocelot. She couldn't erase everything that had happened to Tortuga that had torn everything apart. She couldn't erase all the little leeches that were supposed to be younger brothers and sisters... 

It was awful she knew, to think that about them, but all Tes could see when she saw the hoards of younger siblings was the damage they'd done in tearing the family apart more then it'd already been. Their family had needed healing and what they'd got was poison.

No, Toth couldn't help. There was nothing to be done at this point.

"It is not for you to worry." Tes said after a few moments silence. 

"It's too late."

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RE: until it ran blood [tesora] - Toth - October 30, 2018


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Brows would raise at the female, but not much else, that smile that masked dark intentions was well beyond perfected at this point. "Well aren't you a positively miserable thing, I offer you my help and then you turn me down. You're at MY doorstep, sweet dove." The words honeyed and soothing, though there was a foreboding glint in her eyes.

She had already tossed out the notion of this one's usefulness to her, besides being an extra body with an extra set of eyes. The slave stepped closer then, ignoring personal space as she shoved her muzzle mere centimeter's from Tesora's own. "Contrite words, your mind is wrought with guilt. It'll kill you slowly, make you suffer every scathing memory, and I can see that you'll let it." The pale woman analyzed, two toned eyes scanning the other woman's face.

"Unless you're willing to talk about whats causing this agony." She'd pull away then moving towards the greenery of the brush, she'd turn slightly then with a raised brow quirked in Tesora's very direction. "You can talk about it on the way, and perhaps you could help me with a task. I've something that needs taking care of." The pale female wouldn't give the other much time to think or even an real option to say no, staring at her with bright eyes and a sparkling smile that looked more and more like a Cheshire Cat's.