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into ash and fire - ifyla - June 21, 2018

Ifyla currently sat on her haunches, listening to the grumbling complaints of her stomach as she pondered trying to hunt for anything to eat. She didn't know the last time she had eaten, and although she wasn't very big--even for her species--she had a feeling she was skinnier than she should have been. Ifyla had practically little to no idea on how to hunt, only aware of the basics that one could easily deduce with simple logic. If she were lucky, muscle memory would kick in and do the work for her, but that was a chance she would have to take. Only if the weather held, however.

The scent of rain sat heavy in the air, the pressure dipping as scattered showers began to form. She had no doubt the storm would be a quick one, but it wouldn't come for a short amount of time. She rose to her paws, her pads aching from her wandering as she tried to find hints of what the hell was going on in her life. She broke into a quiet saunter, her nose in the air as she searched for a source of food. She caught the stale scent of a rabbit, picking up her pace to find any hints of a fresh scent. When she found one, she listened carefully for the large-eared lagomorph.

A shift in the grass nearby caught her attention, a hint of dusty brown fur leading her to break into a sprint. Her most important goal was catching the rabbit so she could have a meal to last her until she found something else to eat. Her quick paws caught up to the rabbit easily, her jaws snapping into one of its hind legs as she writhed her head to stun it. She dispatched of the little pest easily, settling down to enjoy her hard-earned meal. Well, not exactly hard-earned, but the sentiment was there.

nothing more attractive than a girl murdering and eating a bunny amirite

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - June 21, 2018

Reese could feel the coming storm as his stomach grumbled. He was crouched low in the grass waiting for the perfect moment to launch onto the rabbit he'd been following for the last ten minutes. If he didn't eat soon he'd have to wait out the storm because everyone would be hunkered down in shelter.

The Nardirian was about to gather up his strength when like lightening a flash of auburn red came through the grass, snatched his future kill, and sent another three rabbits darting for their holes. Reese had stationed himself next to one of the bolt holes and snapped his jaws on empty air as one darted passed him into safety. Another rabbit was making a beeline for the same hole, saw him and Wiley Coyote'd in the opposite direction. Reese was fast on its heels and then taken up with a snap. Satisfied he at least made a kill he looked around for the other hunter that had nearly cost him his lunch. She blended in well with the scenery, unlike his lean three foot grey and red stature. He looked around again with the limp rabbit hanging from his jaws and finally found the little red dog enjoying her meal.

He settled down a little ways away watching her and enjoyed his own meal. Dark brown eyes looking her over. She was not a dire. She was not a fox. She sort of looked like a fox but really didn't give off the fox vibe. Maybe a coyote? A Jackal? She was capable, and looked hungry. Reese wondered what she thought of him, a giant leggy boy with strange coloring, markings and tattoos. He didn't hide that he was watching her, he was practically impossible to miss, and had situated himself right in her eyesight. If she tried to walk away Reese would slowly get up and circle her, his head low. She wasn't going to lose him easily, he was intrigued and wanted to know her story.

"Who are you?" Has asked finally, his voice low and gentle, curious but not demanding. He gave no indication that he would answer her questions until she answered this one or that he heard anything said to him up to this point.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - June 21, 2018

The small canine looked up at the arrival of a much larger newcomer. Her goldenrod eyes narrowed at the gray wolf, especially as he sat down with a rabbit of his own. He was oddly colored, a stripe of red down his back and some odd markings on him as well. Although, the crimson freckles on his face gave him some charm in her eyes. She shifted the slightest bit away, all too aware that he weighed at least five times as much as she did. If she tried to run, she had no doubt he would be able to chase her down and catch her in his jaws just like he did to the rabbit he was now eating. A fate that she deemed much less than desirable.

When he asked who she was, she raised her head up to look at him and blinked in surprise. "Who are you?" he had asked. One of the many questions about herself that she was unable to answer. She knew she was Ifyla, but she didn't know what that meant. Who was she? Well, she didn't know. She had no memories, only vague feelings that haunted her when she saw or experienced certain things. Otherwise, the female was at a loss on how to properly answer the question. However, she doubted the stranger wanted to know she was an amnesiac struggling to understand her situation, so she simply replied with, "I'm Ifyla."

The simple answer to a complicated question. She studied the stranger more carefully, now aware of his odd scent. How had she not noticed it when she had been in the area? How dense had she been, her mind clouded by her hunger? She mentally scolded herself for the slip in attention, hoping that the next time any stranger came close to her she would be able to smell them coming. Or hear them. Dragging herself back to the present, she felt the need to get the topic off of her, uncomfortable with talking of herself. So, she asked, "And you?"

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - June 22, 2018

It seemed his introductory question was hard to answer for a moment but she finally replied with her name. Ifyla. He silently mouthed her name to himself trying to get his lips used to the word. He had to admit he hadn't come across a name like that. Though Neoptolemus had come close to twisting his tongue. Her name was intriguing and his mouth found it easy to say.

She finally asked her own question, "And you?" He blinked at her, dark brown eyes roving over her small frame trying to get her measure. She didn't smell like any pack member, he would know. she smelled like she was new to the Straights. She probably wouldn't know the packs around here. She probably needed a guide. She didn't seem hurt, just hungry, wisely wary. She was definitely on the defensive, no doubt because he towered over her if they stood.

He finished his meal before answering, giving the entrails a last slurp, leaving a bloody residue on his lips. Nothing really to gain from her politically. What was her business here in the straights? Did she have a family?

"I'm Reese. Are you lost?" He asked, sitting upright and trying to gentlemanly wipe his meal from his face, "New around here, Ifyla?" He tried her name out loud, it had a good rhythm, good form. Nothing for his tongue to stumble or force. He had to admit she was one of the cute ones. Her size was endearing and her eyes piercing with intelligence, if some confusion. He looked around to see if there were any others of her kind around here, a mate perhaps? How did she come to be alone? Would she need help returning to her home?

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - June 22, 2018

When he studied her, Ifyla fidgeted uncomfortably. She knew she was small and underweight. She also knew she didn't like being pinned under the stranger's brown eyes. Swallowing the remaining meat on the rabbit's corpse, she idly gnawed on one of the bones to keep herself busy as he pondered her. She could practically hear the cogs in his brain turning, and she didn't know if she would like the thoughts in his head.

When he answered her question and asked her one in return, he had blood on his lips. And then he sat up, towering above her with blood on his lips and all she could think was how familiar the situation felt and how different it felt as well. She flinched back, her face scrunching for a moment as her ears flicked back. Fear flashed in her eyes before she shook her head, clearing the emotion from her features as to avoid voiced worry from Reese. She would ponder it later once the interaction was over, simple as that. She didn't need that kind of unbridled fear in her head for longer than needed.

When he asked her two questions, she tested answers in her head. The first question came first. Was she lost? Abso-fucking-lutely. No idea who she was, no idea where she was. No clues, no nothing, other than a near-constant headache that she had long since urged into a dull thrum at the back of her mind. However, would she voice these thoughts to a stranger? Voice them to a stranger who could claim he was leading her somewhere safe or whatever else when he could be doing the exact opposite? Abso-fucking-lutely not. People who were lost were susceptible to those who weren't, and she had no desire to give him any hint that she was, in fact, lost as hell.

"No, fortunately, just visiting some family," she explained, the lie slipping easily from her clever tongue. It was a lame answer, but at least it was somewhat convincing. Who knew, maybe she did have some family in the area and she just had no idea who they were. Improbable, but not impossible. She hoped, prayed to the stars high above that were hidden by daylight and stormy clouds, that he didn't ask her where she was from. It wasn't as if she knew or had any idea. For all she knew, she could have fallen from the heavens like some sort of discount angel.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - June 23, 2018

The big grey boy started to read her flashing emotions through her body language. She was uneasy under his gaze, and as he sat up, though he sat a good couple feet away, he towered over her. He caught the flash of fear through the almost audible flinch and ear flick back. The most telling though was the fright in her eyes and the vibes he suddenly felt. Her sense of wary had been triggered to fright and if he really took into considering this encounter he would understand how he could come across as... well... one of those in this situation. He watched as she shook her head, as if to stuff the emotions down. His sister did that when she was trying not to shout at him when they were kids.

If his father ever caught wind of Reese mistreating someone, no not his father, his mother, would verbally flay him and then he'd never hear the end of it from his sisters, and then he'd probably would never be invited back to Nardir again. It was not how his family treated others and his father's empathy came right through in this situation.

She replied that she wasn't lost and was visiting family. Good, she had family in the area. She didn't seem to be hurt... she was a little malnourished though. It didn't... He wasn't... He wanted to buy it, he really did, but something just wasn't... right. She looked way too confused, and the flash of fear made him wonder.

"Hm... Okay." He said before sniffing the sky. The rain was just about to break, it was going to be one of those short summer downpours that would soak you to the bone in seconds. He snapped his gaze back to the immediate area to spot a good shelter. He honestly didn't like looking like a morose mangled drippy swamp ghoul. Ah! A nice wide cedar!

"I hope they live somewhere dry!" He said loudly over his shoulder, getting up and making a beeline for the ragged red trunk. He was there in a good four leaps, quite close by for him. And just as he cleared the perimeter of the hanging branches the sky opened up to release a great and mighty loud downpour of buckets and buckets. The cedar kept its base wonderfully dry.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - June 23, 2018

He said okay, but Ifyla could tell he barely bought the words she said. She swore mentally, hoping he didn't feel the need to poke his nose where it didn't belong. Especially if he tried sticking his muzzle in her business. Then they would have a real problem on their paws. She didn't take kindly to those who tried to pry, even if their intentions are good-natured. She appreciated her privacy, even though she didn't have much to protect. Her dignity, perhaps.

However, that was stripped from her when the skies opened up and dumped chilling rain down on her. She grimaced, groaning to herself. Why did it have to rain so often? What the hell was this place, the damn rainforest? Were the spring showers late? Snarling a few obscenities, Ifyla stood and frowned at the mud clinging to her chest and underbelly. Oh, how lovely. Her pelt was beyond soaked, so she figured waiting for the rain to wash the mud from her fur wasn't much of a problem.

What was a problem, however, was the fact that she hated being wet. As if she were a feline, Ifyla hated water. Well, she didn't necessarily mind being in the water, that was the odd part about it. She hated being wet and out of water. She hated how her fiery pelt now looked like clay or how it clung to her frame. She didn't like how her fur accentuated her hips and shoulders, just barely poking out with her fur slicked back.

She grumbled as she walked, her tail hanging limply behind her. Some form of profanity escaped her lips each time her paws squelched in the sodden earth. When she finally made it under the hollow cedar Reese was under, she looked like some sort of small, grumpy beast. "I hate the rain," she complained, plopping her rump to the ground so she could watch the sheets of rain tumble down under the shelter of the cedar, completely disregarding Reese's presence in favor of using every curse she knew against the name of nature in all its forms.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - June 25, 2018

With rich chocolate eyes Reese watched the girl trod slowly through the soaking cycle of rain. He watched trying to stifle a grin as the soaked ghoul of clay plod under the cedar while mumbling how she hated the rain and cursing everything known to wolf.

"Well, your Sloggyness. Looks like we'll be stuck here for a bit." He was failing at fully stifling a snigger. He could probably clean her up in no time with how small she was. "I can help clean you up if you'd like." He offered. She looked rail thin especially with her fur all slicked against her ribs. He could count every one, and every vertebrae in her spine like this. Her hips where nearly skeletal. A concerned look finally overcame the humor. She was going to need more than that one rabbit she caught to get her strength back up to speed.

"Are you ok? You don't actually have family here, do you?" He asked sincerely, crouching down so she didn't have to crane her head to look at him.

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RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - June 26, 2018

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Ifyla looked over at Reese, biting her tongue to keep from making a smart remark about how she had caught a rabbit first. However, that didn’t keep her from muttering, ”A delight, I’m sure.” It wasn’t like Ifyla had anywhere to be or anything to do. Other than catch food, something very unlikely to happen thanks to the summer storm pouring rain down upon the cedar. She would have mumbled some obscenity towards the storm, but at the moment she had run out of creative curses to throw.

Then he offered to help clean her and she stiffened. A simple act, of course, but to let herself be vulnerable like that? It made her want to squirm. She barely knew Reese, had only met him mere minutes ago. However, he had made no true moves against her, and his actions seemed to be in her best interest. Not to mention, she had already made herself suspicious enough. Perhaps if she relented and allowed Reese to build some trust in her, he would stop giving her such odd looks. ”Sure, go ahead,” she relented, momentarily setting aside her worries.

Then he crouched down so his eyes were on the same level as her own. Meeting his gaze was a struggle, trying to beat down her panic as he spoke. She couldn’t let her eyes show it, trying to school herself into a calm demeanor when she finally met his brown eyes with her yellow ones. Then he asked a question she didn’t want to answer. Answer him, part of her urged, answer him truthfully. It’s not worth fretting over. But another part of her implored her not to, to keep him a length away. She didn’t like the worry in his eyes, hating how it made her pelt itch against her skin.

“No,” she mumbled, sliding down to her belly and looking away as she rested her head on her paws. One word answered both questions, and he never asked for any elaboration, so she didn’t give any. The more of her secrets she kept to herself, the better for everyone, especially her. She didn’t like it when people worried over someone like her. A waste of time, that’s what it was. And she would feel guilty, accepting what someone offered without giving something worthwhile in return. She hoped he would leave the topic alone and that this instance would be the only time she saw him for a long time.

The flash of lightning and subsequent crash of thunder high above made her jolt. She swallowed a whimper, unable to keep her ears from flattening to her head. She hated lightning. She hated storms. She hated rain. She especially hated lightning. Ifyla tried to calm the slight, barely noticeable tremble shaking her frame. If Reese noticed it, which she was confident he would, the attentive bastard, there would be questions and possible teasing. Two things she’d rather avoid.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - June 28, 2018

Reese could read this girl like an open book. Even though she relented and would allow him to clean the rain off her she had tensed at the idea initially. It had given him pause and he decided to either go about this slowly or not at all. She obviously wasn't into letting him get very close and he wasn't about to push it. What had this girl gone through? She was treating him like he was some kind of slaver. oh, what if she had been enslaved?

Then she gave a fairly resounding No to his honest questions about being ok and having family close by. He watched her set her head on her paws and he sympathy sighed with her as it seemed like she had given up in some kind of defeat. He really didn't need to pry any further here. She was obviously not ok and not everyone was as forthcoming about their past as he was, if anyone asked. She had just taken a leap of faith admitting this to him and he was going to be treading even more carefully with her from now on.

And then the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled, the quick succession meaning it was just overhead. He gave a yip in being startled and stood up suddenly watching the rain crash down, but he wasn't scared. This was the kind of storm that he would actually stick his out in the rain for. At least when the action of the storm was a little further away. When he turned back to Ifyla she was even smaller than before, her ears pinned back and smelling of fear.

"Hey..." He said softly, approaching slowly. He was probably large enough to spoon her completely, his toes might touch his own pads. If she let him, he laid down next to her shivering body, probably shaking just as much from the cold wet fur as from being scared shitless by the storm and the whole situation. He tucked his front paws under him but laid his back legs out to half encompass her but to hopefully keep her from feeling trapped. "It's ok..." His voice was low, "It made me jump too..." He whispered. He was still warm and dry. Here he would slowly reach out to touch her with his nose, and if she let him he would start to lick the back of her ears but would stop if she shrunk away from him.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - June 28, 2018

After she answered his question, he didn't prod any further into Ifyla's unknown history. She was thankful for that, wishing she could keep the details to herself until she had figured them out herself. Perhaps she would one day remember her past, but for now, she wanted to come to terms with her amnesia and accept it. Perhaps be more willing to tell others about it. She doubted the last part would happen for a long, long while, but it never really hurt to hope, did it?

When thunder rolled and Reese jumped up, surprised but not nearly as fearful as she, she was thankful when he didn't mention the tremble still steadily shaking her. It was the thunder that really shook her. She didn't give two shits about the lightning, really. She had seen heat lightning the nights before and never given a damn, sometimes sitting back on her haunches to observe the flashing clouds in silent wonder.

But thunder? Thunder made her shake. Thunder promised fear in a loud crash, shaking the earth to its core with a mighty roar that could sometimes even spook the bravest of individuals. Thunder reminded her of things she had long forgotten, unleashed an unbridled panic in her that reminded her of pain and grief and fear. Her body associated thunder with horrible things, even if her mind did not fully register.

However, then Reese laid down around her. At first, her breath subtly caught in her throat. Too close, too close! a part of her screamed from the confines of her mind. She wanted to keep people at a distance, but Reese was making it fucking hard. The touch was initially unwelcome, and the same screaming part of her made her paws itch to leap up and run away from the cedar into the storm beyond. She knew she couldn't keep running from her problems, especially the ones in her head, and in the name of the hidden sun above, she was tired.

She leaned back, exhaustion weighing on her limbs from all her traveling. O, weary traveler, rest your bones, she thought. An odd thought, but it came with notes attached, notes that ached to be hummed gently in the back of her throat. However, she kept quiet, rather relaxing against Reese's body and leaning her head back on his shoulder. She listened to his soft words, exhaling a gentle sigh as her eyelids fell over half of her eyes.

And then, he began to groom her. Holy shit. That was ludicrously nice. Stars and other celestial beings above, she could melt. How enjoyable it was to simply relax and let someone else to the work of carefully reordering her pelt was absurd. Laughable even. But, fears and roaring summer storms, Ifyla was going to enjoy this and keep her fears out of her mind. Even if it was for a little bit, she was thankful. Enjoying Reese grooming her was by far more congenial than dealing with her problems.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - July 01, 2018

Reese sighed as he felt her relax against him. He hadn't been this close to someone for a little while. And it seemed she was really enjoying the care he was taking in drying her off. He had to consciously breathe deep and slow and keep his tail from wagging. He enjoyed helping others feel better. Much more than he ever thought he would. It was what was starting to wane in his last relationship. The human he had been traveling with had started to seek her healing and comfort from someone else.

Here, his heart soared with her pressed against him and he felt the mental and spiritual walls starting to fall around her. Dissolving slowly like tree sap in the rain. Another flash of lightening lit their grove under the cedar but the thunder came with a lag meaning the storm was moving off rather quickly. He protectively shifted his hind legs and tail tighter around her body to shield her from the inevitable thunderous crash and give her something to brace herself into. He would relax his protective hug as the thunder subsided trying to read her as much as possible. He would groom the top of her head, behind her ears, the back of her head and neck and along the top of her back. When he was satisfied that she was dry and the storm was still wandering off, he came back to her head and dried off the water on the top of her muzzle and gave her a lick on the cheek to tell her he was done. She could probably use some healing herbs to nourish her back to health both physically and mentally.

The rain was starting to lessen outside, and the thunder rolled like a purring cat from a distance. It truly was one of those quick summer storms. Soon the glimmer of the late afternoon sun was starting to peek through the great purple clouds and set the raindrops sparkling in the grass. He looked down at her muddy paws and knew just where to take her to wash the mud off. There was a slow moving shallow river around here. It was a great place for herbs and fish and splashing.

"Now that you're all dried off, want to go for a swim?" He asked lightly, giving her a smile.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - July 04, 2018

Ifyla lounged lazily, tucked against Reese's side as he groomed her. Odd how relaxed she was around him, considering they were mere acquaintances. And that was how Ifyla wanted to keep it. She kept a distance, always trying to keep people from finding out the secrets she held so close to her heart. She never built bridges, only leaving skeletons of what could have been. This growing friendship with Reese, she felt, would likely be another example of a skeleton bridge. But she could enjoy it while it lasted, couldn't she?

When the thunder rumbled, she still shook, but not nearly as severely as she had before. She felt Reese shift around her, protectively enclosing her with his limbs as the thunder rumbled. She didn't really mind, not for the moment, at least. Perhaps, at a different moment when she wasn't so damn tired, she would step away or maybe even run. But now, she just distracted herself with paying attention to how the storm was moving. She figured it would pass soon.

As if on cue, the skies cleared and sunlight was cast down from above. She left Reese's side almost immediately, trotting out of the cedar and looking up at the skies and the storm making its way toward the distant horizon. Stretching her back, Ifyla shifted her neck until it clicked a few times, relieving some of the built-up tension. Then, her gaze drifted to her paws. They were caked with mud that sculpted her fur into uncomfortable clumps. Grimacing, Ifyla looked back at Reese as he spoke up.

And then her fears came into the light of the sun.

Stay or go? Stay, and enjoy herself for a few moments longer because she was selfish and enjoyed the company of others. Go, and spare herself of the pain if she got any closer to Reese and had to make the same decision once more. She couldn't stay with him for longer than perhaps an hour. If even that. She subconsciously stiffened when faced with the question hanging in the forefront of her mind.

She raised her gaze back to Reese, pondering him for a moment. Overbearingly kind, attentive, amusing. Nosy, annoying, too tall. The question interrupted her thoughts: stay or go? Leave him and don't look back. Or stay, if only for a little bit longer. Ifyla hoped she wasn't taking too long, so lost in her thoughts. Stay or go? Stay or go? Stay, her thoughts murmured. Go, her logic demanded.

"I don't know how to swim," she blurted out. Nice going, Ifyla.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - July 08, 2018

When Ifyla left his side he stretched out his own legs and shook his fur out. He sat back on his haunches and elbows to watch her contemplate his offer with a tilted head.

He could see her shift between two options silently. She was hesitant and he didn't know why. Maybe she was wondering if he'd still make a move on her, or maybe she was wondering if he was buttering her up just to drown her. Poor thing really needed a friend she could trust. He didn't know how long he could stay with her if he was honest. Unless he could somehow convince her to come home with him, but with the way she was thinking about a simple swim, it was unlikely.

Then she finally blurted that she didn't know how to swim!
This time Reese couldn't help himself and gave out a belly laugh.
"Oh! Is that all?" He steadied his chuckles, "That's not a problem." He said smiling and getting up to his full height easily. He trotted out from under the boughs of the tree into the late sunshine.

"I know a great spot that's lazy and shallow, even for you!" He said and reached out to nip her ear playfully and bolt off into the woods. He paused to make sure she was following and to slow his pace for her. Not everyone could keep up with Speedy McLegs. Reese would lead her to pass back into the shadows of the woods and toward the soft and comforting sound of running water.

A wide and lazy river slowly tumbled over smooth stones. He waded in and the water came up to just over his ankles. He dipped his head down to drink deeply the cool clear water. He lifted his head back up to look at her with a warm smile.
"See? Nothing to it!" And he bounced on his toes to splash the water around him and try to catch the sparkling water droplets with his teeth, illuminated by the sunbeams through the shifting canopy above.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - July 11, 2018

Ifyla's ears burnt pink out of shame as he laughed. She refused to bow her head, unwilling to admit her shame about something she was never taught to do. "Oh! Is that all?" he said. She sighed as he walked out from under the cedar and began moving, a million thoughts flying through her head as she stood up. No, it wasn't all. Not even close. So many problems in her way, so many decisions to make. Nope, her not being able to swim was only the tip of a massive iceberg. Sighing once more, Ifyla looked back up at Reese curiously as he spoke.

She scowled when he said, "Even for you!" "The hell is that supposed to mean?" she asked, unintentionally letting her sharp tongue get ahead of her thoughts. She knew she was short compared to him- compared to most people if she were honest, but she didn't like it being so blatantly pointed out. Then, he nipped her ear and she yipped in surprise. "Hey!!" she cried out, charging after him. Her legs weren't nearly as long as his so she had trouble keeping up, much to Ifyla's dismay.

She came up to the river, scowling and panting from the futile chase. "Stars above, at this point I might as well call you daddy long legs-" Her jaw snapped shut when she realized what she'd said, her ears burning a bright red. "Ignore what I said, please," she managed, trotting into the water and ducking her head into the shallows as if she were some kind of rejected ostrich. Bubbles rose from where her snout was, churning the water just a bit as she plopped her body down, her head still submerged in the slow-moving water.

When her lungs could no longer tolerate it, Ifyla raised her sopping wet head above the water. Droplets slipped off her fur and fell into the water flowing past her, causing her fur to sway beneath the little ripples. She sighed as the mud dislodged from around her paws and belly, carried away by the water as she sat in the shallows. Reese was nearby, causing some sort of ruckus, but she ignored him in favor of letting the chilly water soak her fur and cool off her heated body. The heat and humidity just wasn't good for a gal like Ifyla.

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - July 20, 2018

Reese had laughed at how irate she was getting, chasing him. He paused when she finally caught up and gaffawed at her comment!

"Daddy Long legs!" There was no way he was ignoring it nor forgetting it. He shook his head laughing, tucking his chin into his chest and laughing so hard his eyes squinted shut as she dunked her head into the water.

He was still slapping the water laughing when she finally brought her head up to breathe, though he was just getting his own breath and making his way to the bank to dry off.

Reaching the bank he shook his pelt out to get rid of the water and with a sigh that finally ended his laughter he sunk his belly into the grassy moss. This kid! She was a riot.

"Man, I haven't called something like that in a long time." He said with a quiet snort. It reminded him of his fiery sister. They probably would not get along. There was a part of him that really missed his family. He wondered how the old pack was doing. Nardir would probably be a good place for Ifyla.

"You ever think you'll be interested in joining a pack?" He asked her if she was listening. He was sitting on the bank grooming. It was probably too soon after whatever had happened to her to think of joining a pack. It seemed she had other things to figure out before she thought about settling in.

RE: into ash and fire - ifyla - July 23, 2018

As he laughed her ears turned cherry pink and she averted her eyes out of embarrassment. She had to admit that it was not her best choice of words. Lowering her eyes in chagrin, she distracted herself with blowing bubbles from her snout. Childish, she knew, but it was still mildly amusing. The action also kept her occupied as Reese got out of the shallows of the river and sat on the riverbank nearby. He made a comment about her mistake and she looked up, frowning.

"Okay, okay. I get it. Since you clearly won't ignore my pleas of forgetting about it, can we at least set it aside and put a pin in it?" she said sarcastically, still sitting in the shallows of the slow-moving river while eyeing her companion. She shifted into a standing position, following Reese's previous actions and climbing out of the water. She walked over to firstly stand beside him, shaking her pelt so water flew off in all directions. Particularly in Reese's. With a snicker, she ducked away and went to sit a few lengths away.

He voiced a question and she rolled it around in her mind, trying to scrounge up an answer. It was tough. She liked being alone but sometimes it was nice to talk to others. She knew Reese wouldn't always be around if she stayed out there, but then her paranoia barged into her thoughts screaming treason. No, no. She couldn't join a pack. It would likely mean opening up to others and she was not ready to spill her heart out. Her fears were far too large, her anxiety too looming. However, instead of voicing these panicked thoughts she merely said, "Maybe one day. It just depends."

RE: into ash and fire - Charley - July 26, 2018

Reese gave her a "Fine,fine" and waved her comment off with a smirk. Then gave her an indignant "Hey!" when she shook her pelt off at him and he rolled away to shake the water back off his own back and shot his tongue at her playfully.
"Brat!" he teased as he settled back down on his patch of grass by the river.

He went back to grooming himself after she sprayed him and kept his ear out for her reply to his question. It seemed to suddenly make her anxious again for some reason. She was definitely indecisive and muttered a someday maybe.

"Thats fair." He replied with a shrug. "I'm heading to visit my family in Nardir and get some supplies. I'm hoping to start traveling around and get to know the other packs. Maybe I can start a trade route or system between them." He wasn't ready to head home but he sure was bored just wandering around with nothing to do. He knew how to heal, he knew how to do tattoos, he knew he could always head back to Rivians and get some trinkets to trade. As far as he knew no one else was doing it. Maybe by the time he wanted to settle back home he could be the world weary uncle with a million stories of far away places. Maybe encourage people to head to Nardir to join and get some new blood among their ranks.

"No pressure, I think my dad at least could... probably help... you." He flicked his tail. He didn't know how best to put that, she was a nervous wreck and he didn't know how to say that lightly. "You're welcome to join me." He said standing to shake his fur out again, now that it was dry, so it could lay properly.