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he died there with honor [visit] - Bintang - June 11, 2018

[Image: VpOhBfJ.png]

    Stoneclaw had disbanded, leaving Bintang with nowhere to go. He had joined them in the first place because his birth pride had disappeared, and now he was put on the spot again to find a new home. The tiger had sniffed around many packs, trying to find a group that focused more on the feline side. Unlike his father, he was not as keen to joining a group of wolves. After searching and searching, his heart starting to ache from the lack of social interaction, he found himself on the only path he could think of: Nardir. While it was not the best of ideas, his father had chosen the pack for a reason. He wasn’t like his father, wanting to be surrounded by dogs, but he was willing to do it, if it meant he wasn’t forced to be alone. He figured that eventually he would grow use to it. Eventually everyone settled with the cards they were given.

    The one thing Bintang didn’t know about Nardir is that it had moved from the location he knew of. The tiger wasn’t there yet, going through the mountains still. With the steepness and not knowing the place, he had to take is slower. He thought that he smelled pack lines - maybe - but they were only a few days old, and the scent further away still heavily carried of Nardir. There was no reason, he figured, that anyone would be claiming this land as their own, and that Nardir wasn’t on the other side. A light rain was slowing him down, paws already covered in mud. The rain had just started, and he guessed it would stop soon, or he even might walk out of the rainy area, but the ground was quick to soak it up. While his fur let the water almost slide off, the mud caked his paws.

    With the sun starting to dip beyond the mountains he found himself in, he went to a tiny cave, kicking his paws in the air to try to get mud flung off. The tiger sighed, licking his damp pelt. He was so close to Nardir, but his legs would start to shake if he went on any further, and he feared slipping down the mountain side. Bintang was a cat, but he felt positive a cat could only survive so much of a fall. Inside the cave it was slightly warmer, with the sound of rain slowly stopping, and the light already gone inside the cave. Hunger gnawed at his stomach, but he laid down, having barely even started his way through the mountains. If he moved quickly tomorrow, he would be in Nardir in no time. But for now, he laid his head down, purple eyes looking out of the mouth of the cave. Something didn’t feel right, but he tried to push the worry back. Nardir was fine, and he was fine.

ooc: this is just like, two days after ayris has arrived to the mountains, and i guess he just missed nardir

RE: he died there with honor [visit] - Ayliyra - June 12, 2018

It was raining and muddy making the trails slippery but she slogged through it all anyway. She had dealt with rain and mud before in the marshes and in the mountains and probably every other terrain that experienced rain so she wasn't about to let it stop her from doing what she was here for, to search for missing Nardirians and to help make sure Ayris had the best start she could help to give it in the short amount of time she was going to be here. She wasn't sure where her student was at present but she figured Hudson was either patrolling on safer ground or was sheltering to wait out the rain. Of course that was what normal individuals did she supposed, was wait for rain storms to rain themselves out but she was pretty sure she didn't fit into that category, traipsing through rain storms aside.

She was scent searching, as usual, for any trace scent of anything that would warrant attention. Missing Nardirians, boar, bear, prey or anything else that could be detected which given the weather was no easy thing as it meant catching scents on the wind or locating areas that scent might have collected at in great enough amounts to not yet have been washed away by the rain. Her work and efforts were rewarded however when she picked up a scent with a familiar tinge to it, feline, and after a few more sniffs and standing still in thought she placed the other familiar part, Stoneclaw. The pride she had visited and stayed in briefly while she was still exiled, which at first she was excited at the prospect of seeing someone from there again as she began making her way to try and locate the feline when it hit her how awkward this might be.

She hadn't exactly been entirely truthful when she'd gone to Stoneclaw after all. She'd told them she was a loner and healer rather than she was an exile from a pack and wasn't a healer, or at least she didn't consider herself one even though she'd had healer training even then and had even more now, but she still didn't consider herself a healer. She was just someone who could help heal others if need be and that was it really. Of course that allowed another thought to creep in. What if the visitor from Stoneclaw was injured or sick and needed help? She didn't have anything that would be especially helpful with her at the moment and she didn't know how long it would take her to get something. Not that she wouldn't try, although she supposed the Ayris dogs might object to that seeing as how she was a guest herself but..she couldn't just allow a feline to remain in need if it could in any way be helped.

Which she supposed she was about to find out as she had been following the swirling scent and had now come to the entrance of a small cave which the scent seemed to be emanating from. She was worried about the inhabitant inside but she didn't want to go barging in all went and covered with mud wetting her potential patient and on top of that she was well aware that cats tended to dislike the smell of wet dog and while she wasn't a dog per say she was probably close enough and wet enough to still smell unpleasant to a feline so she figured she would call out instead.

"Hello in the cave! Are..are you alright? You carry the scent of Stoneclaw and thats rather a long way from here. If you need help I will do what I can to help you, I would come in but I don't want to get you wet and well since I am wet you might not care to have my scent in such closed quarters". She called out in a concerned tone, worried for the cave's occupant, and then realized she should probably state the other thing..the whole he was on claimed land thing. "You are on Ayrisian land by the way, I'm Ayliyra, a guest of theirs from Nardir". There that should take care of the formalities that were required. Now the more important things could be focused on like whether the feline was alright and how quickly she would need to move if he wasn't..she really hoped he was okay though..she also hoped he wouldn't hate her if, or probably when, he found out who she was.

RE: he died there with honor [visit] - Bintang - July 09, 2018

[Image: VpOhBfJ.png]

    He had barely even closed his eyes when sudden words jumped at him, making his fur bristle up for a moment. Bintang had thought he was mostly alone, or at least that if he ran into anybody it wouldn’t be within moments of closing his eyes. "Hello in the cave! Are..are you alright? You carry the scent of Stoneclaw and thats rather a long way from here. If you need help I will do what I can to help you, I would come in but I don't want to get you wet and well since I am wet you might not care to have my scent in such closed quarters.” He honestly frowned some, bearing his teeth with disgust like many cats do in videos. Wet dog scent was not something he cared for. But his ears also perked up some, curious. This little doggy knew of Stoneclaw, recognizing by scent and by name.

    "You are on Ayrisian land by the way, I'm Ayliyra, a guest of theirs from Nardir.” Bintang got to his paws, carrying his body to the entrance of the den, but not out of it. The drizzling rain barely splashed onto his paws, and he made no movement to invite Ayliyra into the cave with him. The scent was already a lot for him to bear, with the water always seeming to make dogs well, smell more. “Yeah, I was from Stoneclaw.” He didn’t exactly sound happy saying it. It already felt like some kind of failure that he was deciding to join a pack of wolves and, what he assumed, dogs. “You’re from Nardir, huh? That’s the pack I was lookin’ for.” It made Bintang question, though, why was she not in Nardir? And why was she in Ayris, and why was this pack right next to what he knew as Nardir.

    “Stoneclaw disbanded a little while back.” Bintang shrugged, trying not to be that hurt by it all. “My dad, Bulan, was apart of Nardir when he died so I figured that I should just, join in the pack, y’know?” There was still the fact that Bintang wasn’t going to share Bulan’s history. From what he had been told last time visiting Nardir, his father was a noble and honorable soldier, who died defending the pack he had grown to call family. He wished he had gotten to know his father, but Bulan didn’t even know his mom was pregnant by the time he left. But none of that really mattered. “I may not be just like my dad, but I want to like, try doing what he did, or something.” He cocked his head to the side, though. “What’s up with ‘Ayris’? Awfully close to Nardir, don’t ya think?

RE: he died there with honor [visit] - Ayliyra - August 04, 2018

She watched the outline of the large resident appear just inside the opening of the cave which was good as it meant the other was able to move under his own power which made injury rather unlikely. The words, especially the was, in the statement about Stoneclaw was not so good especially with the tone that was used. It made her wonder what had happened as was implied that the feline was no longer part of the pride. There was more though that certainly got her attention as well as her concern. The cat had been looking for Nardir and she hoped it wasn't on account of her, though how such a connection could have been made she wasn't sure, she had been quite careful when visiting. Although she had mentioned looking for Volcano and some others by name so..perhaps one of them had been found? It would be good if they had..unless..she didn't want to think about it but still the thought creeped in that she may have been caught spying and whoever had shown up there had possibly paid the price for it. If that was the case then she would likely be wanted as well..and possibly the rest of Nardir. She would have to be careful here. Fortunately her full name hadn't been recognized so she would have time to figure things out.

As the story progressed though wasn't impossible and it was certainly plausible plus she didn't think cats were as deceptive as others of her kind believed them to be which meant it was really very likely that he was telling the truth. That put rather a different light on things. Bulan's child was here, albeit grown child, and Stoneclaw had disbanded. Which meant it wasn't likely, though still possible she supposed, that Nardir was being searched for because of her. There was also the implication that the large feline was apparently wanting to join Nardir. That was interesting, also potentially problematic given not only her situation but Nardir's as a whole. However a large cat could be useful and they were friendly, or at least they were as far as she knew and had experienced, so perhaps something could be worked out.

There was still the issue of this being Ayrisian land though which she should probably address or more properly address given the question. "I'm sorry about your father". She said first but wasn't sure what else to say about it. She had known Bulan and liked him but she was also still trying to be cautious and careful about how much of Nardir's dealing she revealed even though she didn't think the son was likely to cause any trouble. Next was the other subject involving loss. "I'm sorry to hear about Stoneclaw disbanding, it is a difficult thing to lose a home". She began addressing the loss first as it was only proper really and while she didn't have any particular attachments to land, she moved far too much for that, that didn't mean that others, like the former Stoneclaw resident before her, were the same plus she actually was sad that she wouldn't be able to go back to spend more time with all the kitties there. She was rather going to miss all the feline companions she might have had. At least she had one feline though, right here, granted she probably couldn't use the term quite yet or probably not even acquaintance as she didn't even know the others name yet but that could be worked on. "As for Ayris proximity to Nardir, well..Nardir no longer resides in the area but has moved elsewhere". And now she wasn't sure what to do next all things considered..guess she was going to have to just improvise..which was not exactly an uncommon thing for her.

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