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Secret Treasure - .Birch. - May 10, 2018

(Ooc: Sorry if I failed to describe the area. I'm not too familiar with the layout of Tortuga so let me know if I got anything wrong. XD)

Somewhere along the coast near the Golden Pass a lone wolf wandered slowly along the stretch of land that bordered the sea. The gray and white figure kept a close proximity to the calm waves that breached the sandy coastline. The only sounds that polluted the early morning air was the calming song of the waves churning and the muffled sound of the moist sand as the young timbers paws compacted the loose earth underneath him leaving behind a small trail footprints that were destined to be washed away with the next cycle of the waves. Crimson eyes scanned the beach attentively obviously looking for something but there was little to be seen besides the debris of past storms and a few shells that the youngster ignored. Though secretly he wanted to collect them but he was here for a different item. Well material would be the actual term for what the teenage timber was combing the banks for and that material was the last piece to complete his current project. A pouch. Over the past few days Jabir had made a strap of vines. He couldn't recall how many hours it took him to braid the material into the sturdy, but flexible, strap that now laid upon one of the many outcroppings that littered the inside of his den. They were quite handly to lay things when the timber had to adventure out into the forest either to preform duties as a Torch or to seek out more items. Yes Jabir was currently off duty and was indulging in his hobby.

Although the wolf was young Jabir had a talent for crafting, as well as fire, and he found it relaxing to create something from what others viewed as useless trash. It was all just a puzzle to figure out and the young wolf loved to explore the creativity of his mind as he tinkered endlessly with the many trivial things that he came across. Like all the shells that laid half buried on the coast. All beautiful and numerous but currently beyond Jabirs grasp...but not for long. A gust of wind blowing off the sea tousled his bangs which he smoothed out with his gray tipped paws to renew his vision. It was a peaceful dawn that he enjoyed especially with the dense fog that clouded the area. He didn't know why but cool foggy mornings were the most beautiful. The curling white mist writhing along the cool morning air and casting everything into a darker hue of what it actually was. In his eyes it made everything more vibrant than the sun ever could; well at least to him. Indeed Jabir was a very odd teenager but out here alone the boy didn't have to worry about trying to impress anyone. 

Jabir was begining to doubt that there would be anything of use to be found. Maybe he could try again after a few days. Turning his gaze from the sand he scanned the area around him; looking for a promising direction to head. It was at this moment when he noticed the dark outline of a creature walking towards him from the opposite direction...or was it walking away? That was the only draw back of fog; it didn't help visiblity. Luckily the bangs framing his sharp features made focusing easier as he squinted and attempted to make out the walk of the shadow. It moved like it walked on all fours but nothing else could be detailed. The young male closed said eyes and took in a deep breath which he then released slowly as he calmed his nerves to do what he was about to do. Crimson orbs stayed locked on the swaying shadow approaching him, "Oi," he called out , "be you friend or foe stranger?"

RE: Secret Treasure - Desdemona - May 25, 2018


With a bundle of wildflowers and feathers grasped within foxlike jaws, the new Captain wandered leisurely along the sandy shorelines of her new kingdom, dainty paws splashing lightly in cool ocean waves as the push and pull of the tide swayed in its rhythmic dance. Desdemona spent much of her time here — walking the beaches of Tortuga's isles, as though memorizing every curve of the shore. It was a brilliant new home. Open and sunny in ways Saboro never could have dreamed of being. This was her home now. This was her kingdom. An opportunity that the darkling princess had snatched the moment she laid eyes upon her Kraken painted in shades of ocean sunsets. The boy didn't trust her yet — he would be a fool to. But in due time... They would be a force to be reckoned with.

And if not, well, Desdemona would not allow the disease of paranoia to seep into her rule. She was not her parents. She was no Sabora, but a Captain.

Sea green eyes momentarily focused on the horizon, the ocean was a marvel to her — it likely always would be. And a small part of her yearned to know what lay beyond it, a greedy part wondered what lands, what people, lived beyond the waves. A silly dream, pushed aside as she continued her walk.

"Oi, be you friend or foe stranger?"

Her attention lazily drifted to the figure who called out to her, and a small chuckle escaped the darkling girl through her mouthful of findings. She moved closer to the unfamiliar face (then again, most of her people were still strangers to the Captain, it was something she would need to remedy swiftly). Dropping her bundle of flowers and feathers to the sand, and placing a dainty yellow paw atop to prevent the wind from whisking away her small treasures, Desdemona cast the stranger a small smile. "That depends on what you are, friend or foe?" She answered with a teasing lilt to her melodic voice.

"I'll be friendly if you are." Desdemona continued with a cheeky grin, sitting down and allowing her tail to wrap neatly of her paws. "My name is Desdemona. And you are...?"