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A New Beginning (Joining) - Blackbird - January 13, 2018

Sabbath could only hope this was a good idea.

The black-pelted Puma slunk along the terrain, claws digging into the ground as he sought footing. Climbing a mountain was hard, but a feline could do it. It was harder with his wounds, however. Although it was hard to see it with his dark colored pelt, there were patches of blood littering his pelt, mostly on the right side.

The Puma favored his right forepaw, limping rather heavily. There were a series of thin, painful but not life-threatening, scratches on his side, and a nick in his ear. There was a deep, painful gash that ran from his shoulder to his paw on his right foreleg, exposing muscles and giving glimpses of bone.

The Puma grimaced, but looked down upon the territory he had been planning on joining. At first, when he'd had his own territory, it had merely been a thought. But now, now that he'd been thrashed and thrown from his territory, it had become a reality.

Sabbath made his way down the mountain, keeping his nose out for the scent marks that would identify the border of the pack's territory. Once he found it, he would sit, careful not to trespass, and roar to gain the attention of someone who could invite him into the pack.