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Busy Earnin' - A Canon & OC Borderlands RP - Handsome Jack - December 13, 2017

[Image: yhL0NH9.png]
After the fall of the Helios space station, and the rebirth of the Atlas corporation, the world is at a standstill. Will someone take the mantle of Hyperion in the wake of Handsome Jack? Or is the company doomed to die a slow death, replaced by another....

Busy Earnin' takes place two years after Helios has fallen, what has everyone been up to in that span of time? That's up to you! We're an open ended forum with a plot driven by the members, friendly to those who want to play a canon role(we have plenty open!), or those who want to bring an OC in to the mix!

- 18+ Environment
- 3 - 3 - 3 Rating(with some restrictions on sexual content(IE fade to black))
- Open World & Open Plot
- LGBT+ Friendly
- Canon & OC