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can't kill me with kindness, i don't buy it - Umbra - November 07, 2017


Time is up, take your shot.
'Cause your story's all you got.
Don't back down, don't say no.
Just stay still and let go.

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The beast lumbered onward in her wanderings, driven, moving. Slow. Slow. Slow. Traveling over the river and through the woods, catching the ghost of a scent, her mother's. She continued onward, leavin the worthless fake to rot in whatever grave she rested/ Umbra was stronger, she was more determined. She knew there were limits and she knew she could reach them and drive onward! Snow hit her paws for the first time in ages and she looked to it, looked up. Around. Watching the soft flakes fall.


She was growling, snapping at the flakes, effectively killing them as she bounded about in a childish way, snickering as she played for the first time in ages but, damn did it show off that body. To any who might be watching, one may notice the muscles, taunt and strong, coiled like cobra and springing to action, propelling her limber figure about. Her tail, long, so very long and heavy... Yet not torn and bloody, meaning she lifted and kept it off. the. ground. She was strong.

Umbra hit a small pocket, her left leg sinking, body lurching forward and rather then panic, the Hound curled in on herself, head angled just so and she rolled herself, landing effectively on her side, laughing, golden gaze wide as her grin as she sat up. This was probably odd indeed but, whatever... Umbra didn't give a fuck. Umbra didn't care.... May as well call her Honey Badger.

Umbra got to her paws, wandering onward along the outter edges of this winter wonderland with mountains to boot! By the mother effin light she wanted to be here, see more. This was. This was new and wouldn't ya know it.... There was a place where it seemed she could visit. The Hellion moved, long tail lashing out like a whip and the tips even snapping lightly in the air, ouch. She sniffed about the area, not making the obvious wolfy song, not even calling.

This place stank like wolf so there were wolves who lived here. The piss barrier told her of that much too. She wandered abou tthe area, what the fuck was this place adn why was she so damn curious of it? Umbra grunted, lips pulling back in a smile, body rolling as she shook herself out. It was surprising how dense her coat was, despite looking so short and how well she seemed to be built of snow, large paws had always been an odd trait of hers and now it was seemingly clear why. She'd always been miserable in in SD, too hot for her liking, thick, dense fur spoke of needing a coolder environment but, due to her mutated genetics it looked so short. Then there was the tail, so similar to a snow leopord, a tool used to aid in balance on ledges and extra warmth to a degree.... Hell, she could probably use it as a lure too if need be.

It had been a while now and she began pacing. She wasn't going to call them like some dumb dog. Nope. She wasn't going to scream her lungs into the air like a wolf but, damn she was getting bored. When Umbra got bored, things started to bleed, mostly her but..... That wasw beside the... Oh..... When had she.... Jaws gripped tighter around her right front leg, a shuddering sigh escaping her, muffled but, there. Yeah..... Alright.... A few screws were loose but.... She was a geneticaly mutated monster dog, what did anyone honestly expect of her.


Give her a chance....

Need someone who will fight? You've got it.
Need someone to spook others into being good? You've got it.
Need someone who will be there, just for the sake of being there? You've got it.

Umbra was a good girl. Granted a bit screwed up but, she was a good girl.


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RE: [ACCEPTANCE]can't kill me with kindness, i don't buy it - Nation of Bacchus - November 08, 2017

Note: Regardless of description in the thread, this is in the Immigration Center with wind blowing in from the main territory.

RE: can't kill me with kindness, i don't buy it - Jax - November 10, 2017

The satisfying sound of crunching snow met Jax' ears as he walked in a circle. Making grooves in the freshly fallen snow and making his mark. That was his sun spot, no one could come into his pressious little circle. It was his spot! The sun was angled in just the right spot so that when he napped, he's be warmed by the sun. His circle was the best circle, no one else! A satisfying grin appeared on Jax' lips as he hopped to the side to see how amazing his curcle was. His dark colored eyes looked at what he had created, then fell. How did he make a square? He was pretty sure he was going around in a circle.

The large Bacchus' ears fell flat against his ears as he looked at the shape. Ah well. Good enough. He thought to himself and shrugged at the mistake that he had created. He'll just have to ward off his sleeping spot again tomorrow anyways.

It was when the breeze started to blow, that the large male looked up from his masterpiece. His eyes narrowing a little as he tried to figure out why there was a strange smell in the pack land. Did someone find a new prey animal? Was the wind bringing in new smells from the cave? Oh! Jax' ears perked up at the realization and grinned. "New Friend!" The large male said exitedly as he bounded towards the imigration center. His large paws leaving prints in the newly fallen snow. His dark eyes focused on the place that new members were to be coming from. "Helloooo!" Jax said exitedly as he approached the area that new members were to wait. His eyes going towards a strange creature that was also playing in the white snow. "Who are ye?" He asked as he looked at the, and white creature. His head tilted to the side as he froze, not really sure how to react to this noodle looking crature. "Woah, that happaned to your tail!" Jax asked rather loudly as he looked at her long tail. "It's so looooooooong." He mumbled as he looked at her tail then towards her face once more.

The large Bacchus shook his head and cleared his throat as he tried to switch to his serious face. "This is Bacchus, are you seeking entrance?" Jax was sure he had repeated himself, but he didn't care. He just needed to make sure that Rainer didn't get annoyed with him.

RE: can't kill me with kindness, i don't buy it - Umbra - December 09, 2017


Time is up, take your shot.
'Cause your story's all you got.
Don't back down, don't say no.
Just stay still and let go.

actions - “speech” - thoughts


Umbra blinked, looking up as she played. Shit.

"Who are ye?"

At this the female chuckled, licking her chops, right leg freshly bitten it would seem. “Umbra.” She would growl out, those golden eyes looking over the strange wolf, heavy head tilting. That face.... The Green Monster had that face. Umbra straightened up, her long ears falling back, lip curling. Was that bitch here?! It didn't stink like her.

"Woah, that happaned to your tail! It's so looooooooong."

Umbra snickered. “Is it? Pretty normal thing where I am from.” Came her reply, the Hound making it a point to let the long tail lash out behind her. Oh right, looks like it was time for things to get serious. Least that's what the wolf seemed to be putting out with clearinghis throat and putting on a 4srs fais. No, but in all seriousness, Umbra cut her own bullshit for the time being and looked to the male as he spoke.

"This is Bacchus, are you seeking entrance?"

Bacchus? The fuck kinda name was that? Oh well. The Hellion remained quiet for a few moments before she began to speak. “I came to slaughter everyone here.” She waited to see his reaction before, letting out a bark of laughter, his face! OH GODS!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAA!!!! She snorted and cracked a wide grin, “Rumor has it there was a pack that started up here in the chill. Rumor has it that this pack was looking for new blood. Rumor has it that this pack has strange wolves with strange mutations. Rumor has it that this might be a good place to call home. Care to tell me if any of these rumors are true Emeraald-Eyes?” She practially purred out the name she'd come up with for him since he'd never given his own.... Or had she missed it?

“Got room in there for a Hell Hound who knows her way around biting others and making tools and crafts here and there? Also got a strong bluff to my blood and I know I ain't one ta talk as a prisoner. Tch... More fun to play with th emind of the one who supposedly captured me.”

Oh goodie... An unstable manipulative, cunning, crafty fighter..... This could either be really good or really bad.

Rumor has it....

No one knows what is truth and what is lie...


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